May 2, 2010


Just wanted to let everyone know that I got back to Europe in one piece, with two suitcases, tons of ridiculous stuff, lots of stories, no voice, no appetite, red eyes, dry lips, a headace, a constant urge for coffee, and the wish to return preferably yesterday. :)
Then again, it is nice to be back. Plus, it was beyond awesome to see my oldest and dearest friend pick me up at the airport crying happy tears!!!! Love her!!!!

Now, if just those boxes would arrive with everything else that belongs to me...I'd be more than thrilled.

I will update as soon as I get back to normality.
Work starts Monday which doesn't excite me at all. After all, I'm still on Philly time and it may take some time till I get that sorted out. And well, my taxes need to be done too...I'm like two months behind schedule. I requested an extension which apparently worked because they never contacted I'm gonna work on that too...and then I'm definitely settled. Hopefully by next week. I keep my fingers crossed.

Until then...happy weekend everyone.
It's been raining ever since I got here, so I'm guessing it is a sign?!
We had temps in the 80s when I left...hmmmm....




Malin said...

Nice to have you back!! (Even if I know you'd rather be in Philly..) Hope it doesn't take too long to get adjusted to the time difference!!

Remember to smile! xx

♥ Katinka said...

Welcome back, hun!!! I know how hard it is but you'll get used to it (again) :) hope all is well in Switzerland!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay!! Welcome back, I'm glad you made it there safely!

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Glad you're back safely!

OceanDreams said...

Hope work is going well today and glad you are back! XO!


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