May 3, 2010

Slowly but steadily...

...I'm adjusting to European time again. My stomach still hates me, and my body tells me at exactly 10:50 am that I'm supposed to be in bed sleeping rather than being awake and working but what can I do?! Not much. I just try to force it (in a very gentle way) to learn that it's time to work and act differently than it has in the past six weeks. :)

I owe you pictures, don't I?! Yes I do.
Some of you have already seen some of my pics, and either liked or disliked them. ;) Ha!!! And for all of you that haven't...I'm trying to post a few here and make posts a bit happier looking than usual. Ok?! Ok.
Besides, I do have to start by making sure I won't forget to thank Sam again. A while back I won her giveaway and was thrilled to see my very own headband waiting for me the second I got to Philadelphia. Still loving it. Unfortunately, we sucked at taking pictures...and I only could find two really good ones with me in them wearing this awesome headband. :(  But at least we got two right. Wow. Oh, and it was the hit on Easter Sunday. :) I was the Easter girl with the best accessory ever! :)

Yes, I'm being silly...we got home one day and I remembered we forgot to take pics of me and the new awesome yeah, this one is showing my excitement - At maybe 1 am but oh well. ;) So the halfway scary face is supposed to be a smile but we pushed the button too early. Or I smile like this at one in the freakin' morning...who knows. :D
And yes, I love it, and once I wear it I can't take it off!!! It's all worth it. So if you haven't checked her blog, or her etsy shop out you better hop on over to Sam's site and do so. ;)  She's super sweet and so amazing. Love her. I'm sending her virtual hugs right now!! Received yet?! ;)

Besides my silly face...I can be normal too. :) But some crazy face is always good. Oh, and well, it just so happens that I hardly took pictures of me. Not sure why. Maybe I dislike my face. Maybe I don't. Maybe I'm not talented enough to hold the camera straight or whatever and am too chicken to push the button to take a pic...either way it wasn't easy to find pictures with me in them. People were complaining. :(  Me included.

So, here's a few shots I took in and around Philly. :)
Oh and if you haven't been to this awesome metropolis I highly recommend it. It's not NYC, and it's not SF or anything like LA, but it's Philly with its own little charm, love for sports, and history. It's more than just a big city. Besides, whether or not you are aware of's got a weird/mixed reputation...either being very dangerous, or rude or what not (and let's face it, which big city isn't a slight bit dangerous at times?!) or being the best spot on the East Coast next to NYC. I've heard both. But I'm trying to change its reputation...haha! It's not at all that bad. I've seen worse over here, where you might not even think of seeing or hearing or experiencing "bad things". So yeah, for what it's worth...Philadelphia's been good to me (always) and I can't ever say I felt in danger. Why am I writing this?! Well, before I left...when I told people I was going to be in Philly their first reaction was: "oh, be extremely careful", "oh, no, why? It's so dangerous there", "oh hopefully you survive", "dangerous, be careful". All real. Hmmm, ok, it's not my first time in Philly (and it won't be my last either), and come's not that bad. Then again, you don't go to those dark alleys anyways...I don't even do that over why should I go enter the bad neighborhoods there if I don't even do it here?! Besides, I love to repeat myself...every city's got its ugly side, and every major big city has its dangerous areas and therefore maybe also a bad reputation. I just have to say...I wasn't disappointed, and I love this city! Period. :)

So, here are a few pics...

love blossoms like these, like in the middle of the street and all...awesome

half of the Philly skyline...that was in March
two days after all trees were green...amazing.

I am amazed at this picture. When I want it to turn out blurry it never turns out blurry.
This time it did. Seriously. :)
I feel it looks sexy in a way?! No?! Yes.

And here it is blurry picture this time! Know what building this is?! 
Independence Hall. 

One of my favorite buildings in the city.
I could stare at it forever. Not so sure why but it's what it is. much for today's post. :)
More pictures will follow! Promised.
Just give me so time. :)

Happy Monday everyone.
Hope you're having an awesome day.


P.s. ignore typos, grammar and everything else...I'm sure I've got like 563 mistakes in much for writing when I'm almost in bed...haha! :)


samnhal said...

Yay, you're so sweet. I'm so excited that you liked it and that you posted a picture so I could see you in it. You're so adorable, and I may be biased, but it looks so cute on you! Love it. I love the Facebook pictures you posted, and it was cool to see more. Philly seems to have such charm and so much art around the city.

ChloƩ said...

you are so cute! i love the headband, it looks gorgeous on you! and you are beautiful! glad to have you back :) sounds like you had a pretty good time! i hope to go to Philly someday!

Mara said...

aw great pictures! I love the one of you. You're so cute and I adore that headband

OceanDreams said...

So glad you had a nice time in Philly love! I love your blurry picture and your Easter headband is just darling! Sorry I was bad about e-mailing you back, I've been working on my project. Hope you get adjusted to the time and looking forward to seeing more pics! :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Yay for pictures!!! I'm seriously thinking of doing that national treasure tour we talked about!

Katie said...

I love the headband!!!

And philly looks great! :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Wow, great pics lady, you're so cute!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Yay for no blurry photos! Just darling!

Tokyo Girl said...

Love the pictures - I so want to visit Philly! Hope you recover from your travels :)

Jenni said...

Great photos! I would love to travel there someday :) Love the headband! Its perfect on you!! And if that photo was taken at 1am i'm a bit jealous of your fabulous hair still looking so fabulous! :)

Jess said...

I hope you get fully adjusted soon! Your headband is so cute and I love your tree pic!!

Kristin said...

Love your shots. And I think your silly face is fabulous!


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