May 17, 2010


Dear May,

Do you hold a grudge or something against us? What have we done to deserve this?! 

We always loved you because you were the main month to look forward to enjoying before June and summer. You were the one giving us sunshine, mild and warm temperatures, and you let birds sit on our window sills and chirp beautiful songs. But, what happened?!
Ever since you started you let us down. You've been wining and letting us feel it all the way...every single day. I'm not the only one wearing gloves (!!!) again. This is not right. It's not. We seriously need to talk and get to the bottom of this. Or at least cheer up and let us enjoy the next two weeks with more sunshine, so our toes can breathe and our arms can feel sunshine again. Can you please consider this? We'd all really appreciate this. The picture below should be us having  a blast outside wearing sandals/flip flops or whatever else...just so you can pull yourself together, May, and reconsider your ugliness this time of year!!!

Thank you.

P.s. And if you are not a bit shocked about my talking to you in my "maybe" harsh sound...take it serious, May, because I've had it. I'm so disappointed I can't even put that into words.

Yes, you read right. I'm wearing gloves - in May.
How frustrating is this?!
I don't mind rain, but constant rain for two weeks goes beyond my toleration. I'm done with this month. Temps in the high 40s and lower 50s is bad. May's given me nothing but ugly and wet days (not the mention the hail business last week). My fall/light winter jacket is being used daily and my scarves and gloves too. It is fall all over again, or winter for that matter. No fun!!!!

May so far has been an absolutely awful month - weather wise. Job wise...let's not go there. Life wise...the first week of this rather cold month I've dealt with jet lag, readjustment to life over here again (no success so far), and well...just trying to live every day to the fullest. The only good thing so far has been using my laptop again watching my ridiculous TV shows (and yes I'm well aware of the fact that I said "my" shows) and seeing a very few friends. The best thing though was to see my cousin again. She lives in CT but had to come to a meeting over here, so she spent a few hours with me. At least that. But other than that, it's been just yucky and ugh.

 vie we ♥ it
On another birthday is approaching. Yes. Not this month (thank you!) but next. Early in the month though, so the way I see it...if this ugly weather business remains as ugly until then I'm gonna freak out. Am I allowed to do so?! On my very special day?! What do you think?!
I'm not going to have a party. What I mainly look forward to is a cake. For years I've been wanting to get a cake on my birthday. In 2004 I got one (a bit earlier than my actual date but my dear friend R. baked one for me!!!), and ever cake for me. So please keep your fingers crossed so my main wish on my b-day comes true...a strawberry cake with one candle!!! Ok, and good and dry weather too. ;)

I love the above picture. It discribes my thoughts at this very moment.
And yes, I don't mind anymore but I have a feeling it'll all work out somehow.

Oh yes, if you've read my posts from last year you know what I mean by saying "the summer misery's back"! It sure is. Maybe not as strongly as last year but it is. And, I can proudly announce that the reason why it's not as strong this time around is that I have a goal to look forward to. Or at least I hope it's a goal. Because, I don't mind anymore...I really don't. It's my life after all, isn't it?! I shouldn't try to please everyone else around me because even though this makes them happy it sure doesn't make me any happier. And right now, more than ever before, I can feel my urge again...the urge to start new. So hopefully my 2010 summer misery is going to kick some butt and allows me to focus more. :)

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend.
Mine sucked even though I had two days off.
It started with rude people trying to tell me that a new cellphone will cost me about $800 (!!!!!), and that I need a new monthly plan anyhow which doesn't give me anything (no free minutes, no free texts, no nothing but a monthly plan bill of either $25, 35, or 75!! plus of course whatever I'm gonna use, so I would end up with a fortune spent on the phone plus the phone charge! NOT WITH ME!!!!). Oh yes, there's a plan that'll allow me to have unlimited minutes, texts, internet access fantastic is that?! But it also costs me $169 a month! Yes, you read right. Welcome to my crazy world!!!

Enough blablahhhhh from me.
Happy, happy Monday!!!!


Swissy said...

Hey there, lol, the letter was funny but SO true. I just can't stand this weather anymore. Freezing and depressing,arrghh...but hey, they predict SUN on the weekend. Can you believe that? We'll see ;)
Btw,nice pics from Philly.
Have a good one!

Kristin said...

My hubs fam called from Minnesota the other day...It was snowing...IN MAY! Crazy!

Katie said...

I've had it too! IT is cloudy right now, in MID MAY! WHAT THE EFF!!??

Jenni said...

I am with you!!! This weather is just AWFUL! I want to go lay outside and read a book and its been so rainy I haven't been able to in weeks!!! I hope it passes soon!!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I totally feel your weather pain! I'm so tired of the rain and chilly days! Here's to hoping it gets nicer soon.

Shokoofeh said...

It's funny! I hope May will be more kind to you in these two weeks.


OceanDreams said...

I hope your weather improves love and hopefully you can wear flip flops soon! Yikes that phone bill sounds expensive, hope that goes down in price!

samnhal said...

That is an awful cell phone plan! Yikes. I need a new phone and have been dreading deciding since I like my phone. hopefully your new phone plan will work out. Our birthdays are close to each other!! Mine is still coming this month. Spring finally hit here. It's been in the 80s. I'll send you some warm thoughts!

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, this spring has been crazy! The last few days were the first nice weather we've had in a while.

Mara said...

yeah this weather is crazy! I thought we were all done with rain so I washed my car and then it's been raining for the past 4 days..ughh!


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