May 29, 2010

Since I'm bored, tired, and having a hard time...

...I decided to cheer myself and you up with some pictures.
I know it's lame.
I feel exhausted.
I took a nap and it lasted two hours.
Loved it.
Now I'm more exhausted but definitely relaxed.
My weekend can begin; I need the rest.
So, pictures would be an easy I thought, but then I thought some more...

I mentioned it a very few times (if at all)...the environment is a precious thing to me. I may not talk about it or blog about it like others do, but I do care and try to take care of it. I'm that nice to it. I recycle, I reuse (a lot), I save water (a lot!!!), I seperate my trash in all kinds of things (incl. the color of bottles, paper, carton, plastic, etc etc), and I walk (a lot!). Not that any of this matters because it is just me, and just me alone doesn't help the environment much but it's me. Now you may ask yourself, why on earth is she now referring to nature, environment and all that stuff?! Her blog's never about this and why now?! Well, main reason (and one that has been bothering me for a while) is the gulf coast and its marvelous (in a sarcastic way; I'm Miss Sarcasm sometimes!) carpet of glorious oil. It's been keeping me busy. Unfortunately, not as busy as I would like to be. It bothers me, maybe not as much as it may bother you; maybe more or maybe less. I know people that are affected by this and I'm not lying. Just a few great ones, but that's already enough. I just wish there was an easier and faster way to help and deal with stuff but my hands are tied. Plus, since I've been back over here I've been lazier than lazy...not so sure why. I always blame it on the weather.
So needness to say...if you read my tweets (is that even called/written this way?!) about this and it bugs you...haha...sorry!!!! ;) I can say and write about what I would like to write about so there's no stopping me. :) OK?! Ok. ;)

So, without further ado here are pictures helping me enjoy the weekend, get relaxed, dream of better and happier times. :)
Speaking of happy times; the best thing happening this week (and literally, it's the best thing ever!!!!!)...I got my first two birthday presents!!! One was the Michael Buble concert (yay on that one, and if you've never been to his show and love his music...I highly recommend it...just him as a person with his jokes and all in between songs...amazing; never laughed this much during a concert!), and my second one came in today from warmer Florida!!!! Love my friend K! Thanks girl, it means so much to have no idea!

 Happiness right next to me?! My eye drops are right next to me, so nope.
But I guess there's a lot more to this sentence than what I see...
...besides one of my friends just told me she's pregnant and I'm more than thrilled for her. Can't imagine her at all being a momma, but as she put it: I don't regret it or pity me at all, I'm loving it, and every other hassle and obstacle in my life vanished away in every moment of it and can't wait to show him/her the world and how I've been loving life so far!
So wanna visit her now!!!!

Happy Memorial Weekend everyone!

all pics via we ♥ it



Katie said...

I've heard so many mixed reviews about SATC, but I still want to see it!

D said...

I love that you love the environment so much! It is so important that we take care of it.

The thing that bothered me most about the oil spill is the man in charge. He BARELY showed remorse. He said he was sorry about it and that was it. No emotion.

I would be DEVASTATED.

It is also great that you walk. That is one of the best things about Chicago. You just don't need a car. I didn't think about it, but I am really reducing my carbon footprint.

Go us!

Meghan said...

I admire your dedication to the environment, and you definitely made me realize that I can do MUCH more myself:)

I am uber jealous of your Michael Buble concert, too!

OceanDreams said...

Love your passion for our earth and so glad you had a nice time at the concert. Have you seen SATC2 yet? I hope you are able too, I want to see it again soon!


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