May 11, 2010

Tuesday Inspiration

Inspiration is always needed; at least in my life. Some people can live without it but I truly have to have an inspirational push each day to get the day started. It can be something incredibly silly like looking forward to going to Starbucks or even finishing a book. Mine is a combination of so many things...even pretty pictuers or awesome music push my tiny start-the-day button and then I'm happiest.

Today, I woke up and just wanted to turn my head again so I could fall back into sleep. I wanted to stay in my warm bed, in my cozy PJ's, and just not leave the house. Of course I had to get up, get dressed and go to work and all. Yes, work ended early *ha!* which was good but it still was a bad day. Inspiration was needed this morning at five. Didn't see it anywhere. Didn't even hear it. :(

But then I got some time to think and look at stuff and learned a ton I can be happy for and feel inspired by.

1. Michael Bublé's concert by the end of this month *we spontaneously decided to go*
2. My cousin visiting me this upcoming Sunday again. Ha, if you can call it that. :) *finally!!!!*
3. Being healthy and somewhat happy
4. The Sex and the City Movie coming to theaters soon
5. Knowing that I have awesome music on my wishlist on iTunes and that I will buy all songs like very soon.

And well...of course I found pics on my favorite site. Love We ♥ It

Yes, I will.

Spring where are you?!
Where are all those beautiful blossoms when I need them?!

Hope spring found its way to your place.

And well, if you are following me on Twitter you probably saw my blablahsss about hail and stuff like that. Yes, tons of it. On my way home from work it started to rain real hard. I had to run like crazy because I almost got blown away from a bridge *why do we have bridges?! really*. I found shelter for a while (had to go to the bank, and then decided to step into our local DVD/CD store to kill time). Then when the storm slowed down I decided to walk. I had to. The entire ground was covered with hail....lots of tiny ice cubes all over. It looked like snow but it was, well still is, hail. So, while walking and just ignoring the flooding that was going on I managed to drop off mail, walk home rather wet (even with an umbrella), and then I almost got hit twice. It could have killed me. I'm sure. Accummulated hail on baloncies, window sills or roofs was falling down. Like everywhere. It felt like gigantic water splashes or so. At first I thought it was those but then I realized it wasn't. So I had to run again. I almost fell, because the ground slippery. I saw people on the ground, too. Horrible. So yeah, by the time I got home it almost hit me again. Hail on my face. :(   SO NOT FUNNY. So yeah... now I'm bleeding a little. Literally. My left eye hurts too but I'm guessing it's the cold ice water that got into my eye earlier on... you may think why I even walked home. Hmmm...nothing else worked. No cars, or buses were driving. Plus, I wanted to be home, where it's warm and all. Ha, people were waiting, trying to stay dry while shopping indoors or they were walking because they simply had to. So did I. I left work before it started raining but just a few minutes after it all started. It's funny how drastically the weather changes. It's fascinating but yeah...not a lot of fun.
Taken with my cellphone so excuse the poor quality (if any!).

At least I made it home. :)
Will take a bath now. :D

Happy Tuesday everyone!



Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

So so soooo jealous you are going to the MB concert!

angela.kolachny said...

wow that pic of the hail is crazy!!! yikes!!

HOORAY FOR SEX AND THE CITY MOVIE!! countdown is ON! ps...hurry up and read "The Carrie Diaries", its soooooooo good! xoxo

Kelly said...

That hail business is absolute nuts. Glad to hear that you're okay! :-O It's been crappy weather here in MN too. Today is 45 and rainy. They SAY that it's going to be pretty this weekend... we'll see!

Looks like you have a pretty good list of GOOD THINGS in your life to be happy about! Hope you're having a great day/night :-D

samnhal said...

That is a lot of hail! Holy cow! I'm so so jealous you're going to Micheal buble. his tickets were too expensive when he just came her, so I couldn't go, so enjoy it for yourself and for me!

Mara said...

aw you're so lucky! I want to go see Michael Buble :)

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Holy man, that hail is kind of crazy! Like Kelly before me said, the weather here has been really gross. Not fun.


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