May 26, 2010

Smelly Wednesday

I never much talk or in this case write about beauty products. I don't want to start now either but it's spring, almost summer and as much as I would like to deny it I love make-up and lotions, and minerals, and all that jazz. Just love it. After all I'm a girl. And spring/summer comes with some new and old products, or just makes me want to use more and smell like a walking coconut. ;)
Anyways...things have been a bit hectic and weird around here, so the only awesome thing in my life happening is when I take a shower (no visual intended) and then put on lotion that smells so delicious I want to start eating it. Ok, gross...but I think you get my point. Doesn't lotion smell better when everything's warmer and sunnier?! Not sure. I just think it does. So, my point now is that even though I've been feeling odd lately and just not in the creativity mood (just so happens sometimes) the only thing that keeps me smiling and dreaming is my lotion, shower gel, etc etc.... so I thought...let's write about it and post some pics. :)
Happy deliciously smelling Wednesday.
my favorite powder this spring (via Physician's Formula)

love this blush (also via Physician's Formula)

Love nail further comment on that.
My quick hand lotion for when I'm on the road (and a lot of other products) by Bath and Body Works

I love Wild Honeysuckle; it's my absolute favorite one. Ever!

Some Sea Island Cotton does the trick, too. ;)

For spring, I also love using these two perfumes...
1) Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger 2) Romance by Ralph Lauren

My eyeshadow usually is a combo of this Sephora Eyeshadow Set

To protect lips (because they always need protection, no matter the season) I got hooked on this one, thanks for Jen over at Haute Whimsy (thanks girl!)
And then I just need some lip gloss...right now I'm just so into this Victoria Secret smells good, tastes good too (oh yeah!) and's girlie. :) I need this sometimes, ok, all the time. ;)
Besides...when I'm fed up with the above mentioned perfumes and body sprays...I'm also going for some VS splashes...yummy. ;)

So, with this last one...I totally feel like a walking coconut put in a vanilla cupcake...and yes, if you are now thinking I'm nuts...I might as well be. I love my mornings to start with all kinds of smells...sure enough, not all at the same time because that would be just gross and too much. But all these products remind me of ways to enhance my gray days, to make me smile again and just to make me happy. It's so easy to enjoy the day. My future may be unknown at some point but I know how to embrace the day and make me happy just with a splash or two of my favorite spring perfume, or body splash. Hmmmm....

Have a fantastic Wednesday! :)
I sure a few hours I'll be swinging and singing along with Michael BublĂ©. :D  Cannot wait!!!



Unknown said...

i loove bath and body works!
i think sensual amber and sweet pea are my favorites

Unknown said...

Isn't it funny that basically just by a product looking pretty that it makes me want it. Just looking at these pictures makes me want all of them. My go to lotion and perfume is by Betsy Johnson and my husband is addicted to it's smell. Love it.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love physicians formula! It always feels great on my skin and never breaks it out!

Meghan said...

I love beauty posts:) I am also a huge fan of anything OPI - and how does one get the job of naming those colors??? :)

Mara said...

oh I love getting new sweet smelling perfumes. That vanilla coconut cupcake sounds amazing!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I love Sea Island Cotton too! It smells like summer to me!

angela.kolachny said...

my fav OPI nail colors are Cajun Shrimp, Pinking of You and Princesses Rule (for fun!)

my fav Bath and Body Works scents are Sea Island Cotton and Exotic Coconut

My fav perfumes are Viva la Juicy by Juicy Couture, Ralph by Ralph Lauren (blue bottle) and Prada by Prada

fun! good picks!

Rhiannon Bosse said...

That turquoise nail polish is just darling! Perfect for the summer I think, don't you? :) xo

I V Y said...

i need some o.p.i mail polish !


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