July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

Do you have any plans for this long weekend? That is, if you live in the US and are celebrating. 

This may sound weird to most people but there is a bunch of people who do not celebrate the 4th. This does not mean they aren't patriots or don't like the holiday, but it just simply means they don't want to spend a ton of money or mingle with thousands of people. I have to admit I love it when a country is celebration its independence, its founding date, its whatever. I do. Switzerland's so-called patriotic day is August 1 but in fact it's actually a made up date just so they can fake celebrate. Some people are very patriotic, others are just playing along. The spirit isn't fully there. Turkey's patriotism is a whole different story. It's huge and it's special.

After many years I am spending July 4th in the US again. WOW. Do we have plans? Not really. My favorite person is off work which is really nice, so I am hoping we get to at least see fireworks or do something small at home. I don't want to mingle with thousands of people, but I'd like to celebrate a little. I may just make drinks and have a blast with red, blue and white.

Have a brilliant day tomorrow, and a fun weekend!!!!
See you definitely on Monday (hopefully with a recap on my Birthday Weekend!!! It's about time!)

images via Etsy - Love The Day - mom.me

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