July 18, 2014

Friday Outfit

Untitled #91

Happy Friday!
This is basically going to be my weekend outfit, or so I wish. I have to find the entire ensemble first. However, I have high hopes. Black skirts never fully go out of fashion {a girl must have a black dress and a black skirt}, and a touch of turquoise in the summer is a must. Whether or not I find a yellow top, and flats {I won't look for new sunnies, and use my cat-eye ones} I am sure I will be able to find the skirt and pair it up with something already hanging in my closet. It is my favorite moment ever, when I walk out the door in a dress or skirt feeling all girlie and ready to conquer the world. I cannot wait.

Do I have plans this weekend?
Not really. My favorite person is working again {what on earth, people. what on earth???} and I have a feeling I will spend it alone again. Dressing up and feeling beautiful has not hurt anyone...and maybe I am a lucky girl, and my guy gets home early so we can do something fun after all.

Have a great weekend!!!


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