July 28, 2014

Hot August Night in July!

When it gets too hot and too boring for us in Sacramento we often escape to Reno/Sparks. My favorite person's parents live there now {they moved from SoCal to the Reno area}, and it is a welcome change and an escape for us. This time we did not just relax at their new home and play with the dogs, we went to South Lake Tahoe to see the car show.

I am in love with old cars. I am also slightly obsessed with certain eras. I also believe I lived in the 1860s and 1920s, and 1940s. Call me crazy. Maybe it's true, maybe it's not. Either way, when I see old cars, old photos, and old clothes {not just the "vintage" ones you see in stores} I get this chill and excitement at the same time. I am just in love. So you can image my excitement to go to a car show; let alone Lake Tahoe where it is so much cooler. We had a blast. Got sunburned, and fell in love with certain cars. I was a sport walking around with super excitement even though I had only slept 1 1/2hrs the night before. I could not fall asleep due to my left hand being in super pain, and me going through some sort of crisis {don't even know why - I should be happy, but apparently I am very stressed}. I was a zombie but still enjoyed every single car we saw. 

I get very weak when I see Ford "A" Class from 1929 - Swoon!

We may go to the Hot August Night in Reno/Sparks next month, that is if we are in the area. Southern California is calling our names. We desperately need to go back. :)

What have you been up to all weekend long?


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Mree said...

Love all those old cars!! How fun!!

Best, Mree

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love those cars! FYI there is an antique store called the Antique Trove over in Roseville that has antique car shows every month and it's free.


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