July 29, 2014

I Love My Lips - Do You Love Yours?

For years I was told to lubricate my lips, and not let them dry up. Sunny or bitter cold days can dry up lips and make them look brittle. Girls should have beautiful, healthy lips and no sandpaper-lookalikes. Lip balms and lip gloss became my best friends. I felt girlie, beautiful and just fantastic. Then I had my moments, and even though my lips were taken care of they felt dry, gross, and even itchy. It was like someone put spicy jalapeno pepper all over my lips. Yuck. 

My lovely friend M. started working for and with Mary Kay last year. I went to a few meetings with her, as a supporter, and learned so much about skin care, including lips. It is true. We take care of our skin, wash it, lotion it up, and make it look pretty but we often forget our lips. We put lipstick on or gloss but don't clean them. They need to be cleaned and scrubbed, too. They are part of our skin as well, even though they look a little different. So I started learning more and more about lip care and balms. Some researchers say we shouldn't put balm on our lips or not as much, because most lip balms have alcohol in them. Thus, they dry the lips up and make us use more unnecessary balm. Others say, lips need to be hydrated because dry, brittle looking lips will crack and cause irritation, scars, and what not.

I believe in my own story. 
Scrubbing my lips once a week, sometimes twice, makes their natural color appear and I don't need lipstick anymore. Also, I do use lip balm and gloss. My friend M. may just explode reading this {I hope she doesn't - hahahaha, but I am sure she does}. I don't overuse it. I use it once or twice a day, that is it. Lip gloss just enhances their natural color, and is sparingly used. Plus, the more I hydrate myself the better my skin {including my lips} stays hydrated. Makes sense, doesn't it?!

Here are my favorite products for my lips:

My Sunday ritual...I love this product. My lips feel fantastic afterwards, so refreshed and new.

 These, among many lip balms are my favorites. The SPF one is a must during summer, or even during winter. Remember, the sun is out all the time even when you don't see or feel it. Anyways, there is a bunch of lip balms out there and these work best for me. I tried Blistex, and what not but these just work for my crunchy lips.

When I feel very girlie I add a little color to my already pink-red lips. I have a few lipsticks even though I don't like lipsticks that much {I prefer lip gloss}, but when I do I use the ones I tried on a gazillion times with my friend M. Here's a few of my favorites.

The left one is called Firecracker and is THE best selling product. Red doesn't work well with my skin tone and hair but this red works, especially when applied lightly. The one to the right is called Pink Passion. Love it. Both are great summer colors, and I just can't wait to dress up soon again and wear some cute lipstick to an already cuter outfit.

Do you like wearing lipstick?
My lips always feel sticky but I slowly got used to that "weird" feeling.

Any suggestions for me?!

Nivea images via here
Mary Kay images via here

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Marjan said...

You got all of my favorites! Especially Mary Kay!!!! Glad you enjoyed going to the meetings and they were useful to you! :)


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