July 22, 2014

Kate Spade Love

Kate Spade Love

If you haven't heard I love Kate Spade. I am not the only one, I know.
There is this certain vibe to KS that I love. It is not only purely feminine, it is also girlie, playful, and just timeless beautiful. This combination makes it so splendid if you ask me. If you were wondering whether or not I owned something with the brand name Kate Spade on it, then yes, I do. I own and love three pairs of sunglasses {the pair above is actually exactly it, just mine is turquoise}, a pair of pink earrings, and a wallet. I am hoping to get either one bag I posted above, as well as the plates. I saw the plates at Nordstrom and fell in love. They are perfect for appetizers, or just finger food for when I do not feel like cooking. I will not a wedding registry {weird, I know} but instead will have a "list" with things we/I need in life. Ha! Kate Spade stuff will definitely be on that "list". I can already see my favorite person roll his eyes. Sorry honey. I need my girlie fix. 

I am so ready to go shopping now. Trouble is ahead...I can tell.


P.s. I might have taken advantage of Nordstrom and its Anniversary Sale and bought a few things. Early Christmas/Wedding gift I guess. :)


Val said...

Everything that Kate Spade sells makes me happy.

Why Girls Are Weird said...

Sigh, I love ALLLLLLL things Kate Spade!


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