July 26, 2014

Wedding Inspiration

I decided not to go into too much detail when it comes to my wedding. I know, you might want to hear it all and believe me I wish I could share it all, but for so many reasons I am trying to keep it as private as even possible. That does not mean I don't want to talk about it, or share a little bit about it. It would not be fun if I kept everything to myself, would it?!

My favorite person and I have both decided to keep it very small and very simple. Don't get me wrong. I am a girlie girl and would love a big wedding with flower girls, ring bearer, flowers, guests, candles, cute signs, lights, and decor. Absolutely, that is all me. My Pinterest is filled with creative ideas, and I would love to make most of it come true. Yet, we have both decided to keep it small and very simple, so I will mostly dream about my wedding fantasy. Do not feel bad for me. We have both agreed to do this that way. We want to save the money and spend it differently; probably towards a house. We both feel that even though a semi-elaborate wedding would be my dream it will be simply too much. He likes it small anyways, I don't want it huge, but I would have loved more people present. Yet, money always - no matter what - matters. It always does. 

Not having a huge wedding still allows me to be creative. I can still arrange signs, center pieces for tables, flowers, find a cute dress {I already found it}, shoes, hair styles, and what not. I can still work on all of that. Here's a few ideas I came across and think I can put to reality.I am excited. Plus, I think that is what a wedding should be...fun and exciting!

I want something unique. We have all seen the date engraved, and the names and what not. Something like that would be fantastic even for us. Also, the colorful shoes are a must. If not red than something else, should happen; as long as it is colorful and playful.

Simple. Easy, and most of all fun. It is just going to be just a few people and that is when details still count, if not count more. :) I am still figuring things out but we have agreed on an area other than Sacramento. Whether that will be in NorCal or SoCal will be a secret...maybe. :) We shall see. Stay tuned. I am sure I am going to spill a few beans here and there.


P.s. I don't know why my images cannot center when they should. You get the idea either way.

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Krysten Quiles said...

Having been married twice, my first wedding was much more traditional and bigger, and my second was less traditional and very small and intimate.

I would take the small and intimate ANY DAY. It allows you to enjoy the day more, take everything in, not be stressed, enjoy yourself, and really spend time with those that are there with you.

Good luck with planning!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Good luck with planning! It's such a huge task!


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