July 14, 2014

World Cup Bye Bye

Finally. The Soccer World Cup is over. The game was a drag. Fortunately, it did not start and end like the game between Germany and all-time favorite Brazil {7-1 was a little too embarrassing, really}; then again, a little more back and forth between both teams, and maybe a goal here and there would have been nicer. It is over now, and I am very satisfied.
Whether or not you are into soccer we should agree on one thing; sports brings people together. It's like music, just a tad bit wilder. Granted, throughout the whole time we saw kicking, pushing, faking pain, faking falls, hitting, crying, and yes, even biting - all relatively normal besides the biting. Really. Yet, it brought people together. Strangers hugging each other because the game was so fantastic, and even though their team lost they embraced the fact that the opposite team played far better {excpet when Messi picked up his trophy for best player, he could have at least smiled and be thankful for the fact that he has a job, a way to support family, himself, and be an example to the youth in most countries who is struggling and hoping to live a better life}. Everyone was crying, clapping, and admiring players. Everyone was there; young, old, celebrity or not. A World Cup, a European Championship, and anything else related to sports always brings people together!!!!!

Like in every game though, there's a winner and there's a loser. We are taught this from when we are little. We know that. Yet, ridiculously enough we tend to forget this very fact once our team/country loses, or once we hit adulthood. People get frantically upset, demolish places and even threaten the opposite team and its supporters. Ridiculous. Luckily, it is now all over. One team had to win, and one team had to lose. I'm sorry if it wasn't yours. I'm congratulating if it was yours. And if you were totally against this sport, then I will congratulate you as well. Why? Let's just say, my mom called saying she doesn't know what to do anymore now that the World Cup is over. Europeans...well, soccer lovers... hahaha! So, you, not liking soccer, knew how to live life without the World Cup in Brazil.

Joke aside, I am glad it is over. I can, if I really wanted to, watch other stuff on TV now. Regular life, without soccer for a while, can take place. I am excited about that. Plus, I get to enjoy the rest of this beautifully hot summer without constantly having the TV on; even though we all know I am a TV junkie.

Did you watch the final game?

What did you think about it?

If you were wondering what language these people were speaking to each other...English, maybe even Spanish. We Europeans are very flexible when it comes to languages. :) 

My team won, and again, I am very satisfied.
Have a fantastic Monday. I'm linking up with Leeann today, you should maybe, too. :) 

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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I'm probably the only person who didn't get into the World Cup. I played soccer for fun through college, but to watch it on TV isn't exciting for me...yet I love hockey. Go figure lol!

Thanks for linking up for MMG :)

Christina said...

I love that sports brings people together. That's partly why I love the Olympics so much. There's so much pride and better things to talk about than politics. :)

I didn't watch the final, but I checked in on quite a few games. I was rooting for Germany from the very beginning, so that was a fun win!

Hena Tayeb said...

We watched no where near as much football as we wanted to.. we were competing with cartoons!


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