July 17, 2014

Oh Hail No! Russian Hailstorm caught on camera!

Since moving to Sacramento I have learned to go with whatever comes along. I am still trying to get this entire area down, and am determined to make my remaining months here (however long that will be) entertaining, special, and worthwhile. The main thing my favorite person and I have to get used to is the weather. It has been HOT. Triple digit hot. All the time. Worst of all, at least for my lungs, is the wind that does not exist here. The air is horrible. Now, you would think, wait a minute. Doesn't this girl know that her beloved Los Angeles has worse air quality? Yes, maybe. Yet, trust me. My lungs know better. They feel this air is being different, and they are not happy!

Weather and air quality aside, I am so looking forward to going to the beach soon. I am literally counting down the days. I need my lungs to breathe better. Also, I came across the following video...and well, let's just say I am also glad we did not have this kind of hail coming down on us like crazy. All this happened in Russia over the weekend I believe. Pure insanity if you ask me. Just watch it, and wait a little until the camera turns to show the water and people literally running.

This was all over the news, and even a few people posted it on Facebook. Have you seen this? What would you do?

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