September 29, 2015

Dear Fall

Dear Fall,

How are you? I heard you officially started a few days ago. I always welcome you on September 1. You know it is almost October, don't you? Yet, you still feel like July. I love July but what's wrong with you? Having some difficulties adjusting? I mean, it's okay if you want to be slightly warmer than normal. You don't have to show us your rainy side or even windy side yet. It's okay to be warmer, it really is. But, you are not warmer you are hot. 95 degrees is too much, and that is just a forecast. When your temperature peaks it is usually 101 or more. Your sun is strong, and I mean really strong. I got sunburned. I always wear sunblock but your so-called fall sun burned me. This is not funny.

So, to make this letter short, can you please work out the tension you are feeling and come to terms that you need to be cooler, windier, and wetter? Also, leaves should really change color. Green is a great color but some yellow and red would be nice. And since I'm on it, I'd appreciate it if you could cool down into the higher 70s and make October a great month, so I can finally visualize myself drinking pumpkin-spiced-anything, eating fall-inspired pies and dishes, wearing layered clothes, and guess what? Yes, going to pumpkin patches. Walking onto a scorching hot field filled with thousands of bright pumpkins is no fun!!! Please get it together! Please.

You have to cool down at some point. Show your appropriate face and get yourself together, will ya!? Thank you in advance.

Sincerely and truthfully yours,


P.s. currently sipping on an iced drink because it's too hot for anything get my drift?! I hope so.


Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

Ugh! Totally with you. So over the warm weather. Fall! Where are you!?

Krysten Quiles said...

I'm telling you, come to Wisconsin!


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