February 27, 2015

Friday Five

Movie night is my favorite night. Whether it is with your best friend{s}, or with your date that night getting cozy on the sofa with a comfortable throw around your legs, and your favorite warm drink by your side...movie night is definitely my favorite night.

Last Sunday most of us watched the Oscars from our televisions but this time my favorite person and I decided to make Netflix night our special bonding date nights. So, I decided to come up with a few {creative and affordable} ideas to make those date nights special. I will get pretty by putting on some cute nail polish, find my favorite throw to use {it is somewhere, just where}, and maybe find a big fluffy pillow to lean on. It's that easy. No need to go overboard. Also, on movie nights I always wear my new glasses from Polette. I won those a while back though a giveaway hosted by Monic and I just adore my pair. That pair and some comfy cozy pants...I'm set for a fun movie night.

Also, we are still working on watching all films from this list, and so far we are doing beautifully. I am desperately trying to make my man watch certain TV shows with me but I have to come to the conclusion that he may never like those famous and well-known shows with me. I never give up so I am still holding onto a glimpse of hope here.

AND, hello, my food challenge this month will be over in two days. I am beyond excited. I so want to drink a glass of wine celebrating our 6-month anniversary. I mean, I just have to, no?! YES. Raymond wine get ready...

Happy Friday y'all!!


P.s. Plus, House of Cards starts today on Netflix...so please excuse me...


DT @ Here I scribble said...
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DT @ Here I scribble said...

I need new glasses.. I like that pillow too!

Lindsay said...

Love that pillow and the blanket!! Tried getting into House of Cards and I just can't. :(


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