February 9, 2015

Love is in the Air

Good morning.
Saturday is Valentine's Day. Even though we don't celebrate this day it is still a time I love to get creative or at least dream of being creative. It is one of those days that makes me happy. Everything looks and feels girlie. The Confetti Sticks above are just the cutest and will go with any party {even a future NYE party} and just add the perfect touch to Valentine's Day. Here is a step by step explaining on how to make these pretty sticks. If you are in need of more confetti inspirations then The Confetti Bar is the place to be. I love confetti, and even when the floor looks like a colorful palette of all kinds of colors and shapes it's a great way to make anyone smile {especially on a bad day}. 

If you are like me not getting enough of confetti or glitter {or both} I found the cute idea shown above. These DIY glitter vases are so pretty and would perfectly add some sparkle on Valentine's Day and can eve go with an Easter or a baby shower or any spring party. Plus, they are so easy to make. Love is definitely in the air. Adding a few cute festive touches here and there has become easy and affordable. A nice self-made touch to any place makes a home so much warmer.

Are you going out and about for Valentine's Day decorations?!

I personally will not but will work on these vases for Easter. We need some cuteness in our little nest. 



Hena Tayeb said...

those confetti sticks look like fun!

Krysten Quiles said...

Oh those confetti sticks, everyone should have those in their lives!

Sara Strand said...

I have Valentine's decorations, we just haven't had time to put them out this year. But I do try to get festive, just for the kids. I have a thing about them having happy memories of holidays because I'm a nerd like that!


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