February 3, 2015

Dear Spider

Dear Spider,

I hope you are having fun crawling up and down the ceiling, mocking me, and creating your own little nest in my place. I hope you are happy. I hope you are busy and get pleasure out of whatever you are doing. I hope you are content because I am not. I don't want to see you when I come home. I don't want to see you at all. I want to catch you and get rid of you. Not sure how but I do. You see, I don't like spiders. You terrify me. You might be more scared of me than I am of you since I must be gigantic to you {I probably really am a giant to you} but you have eight legs if they are all still intact. You create the most intriguing things nature can offer and yes, you may get rid of bugs and what not, but this does not make me like you more. Sorry. You look weird, have eight legs {yes I have mentioned that already} and just creep me out. Please leave and never come back. Please. This is a warning to you. If you don't leave you may end dead. Yes, I am sorry. I don't want to do this but if you leave me with no other choice if you continue to create your nest here. Okay?! Okay.

A very terrified and grossed out girl.

Get the heck out of here!



image via here


Elisa @ Globetrotting in Heels said...

I second that. Spider, spider, go away! Crawl away on those 8 creepy little legs of yours, shoo!

Joey said...

Spiders freak me out!! And they of course only make their appearance when the husband is on the road!! GO AWAY spider!

Ashley said...

I also HATE spiders. Ew, just the thought of them!

The Flynnigans said...

I'm TERRIFIED of spiders and get the total eebie jeebies when I see one...borderline panic attack. LOL It's really not a good look.


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