February 19, 2015

Thank you

I don't know what to say.
Yesterday, I shared some of my thoughts with you because, well, I had to. I felt it was the right time and the right moment to do so, and it felt liberating. The second I hit publish I felt excited and somewhat accomplished. I felt freer, and yes even happier. What I didn't expect was the comments I received. They made me incredibly happy, and really touched me. I knew I wasn't alone in this but I didn't expect the support, the encouragement, and even the love.

So, thank you!

Your comments made me smile, shed a few tears {yes, don't worry}, and just put me at ease. What is crazy is that my favorite person read that post as well. It was the first time I shared the blog with him. He knows I have been doing this for a while but he never feels like reading it because he believes this is my space, and he gives me that space to be me. Solely me. He not only enjoyed reading the post but he loved reading your comments as well. This is all me, my crazy little world I live and grow in.

I am thankful for this community. I really, truly am.

That is all.

Happy Thursday!



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