February 24, 2015

Why You Should Care About Your Anniversary

This weekend we will be celebrating our six month anniversary. I cannot believe how fast time flies. It is times like this that remind me that time is fluid and we should enjoy every single day to the fullest. Not saying we are not but we often take certain things for granted. Yes, it's been six months and holy cow in half a year it will be one full year. Unbelievable. 

Do we have any plans?! Of course we do. Well, of course I do. I am the planner. You see, I have always been the one organizing, planning, figuring out things, getting it all ready and prepared. I am OCD like that. I need that. The more details added to an event the better. The more possibilities the better {sometimes also worse}. So realizing a half-anniversary is coming up I was ready. I am ready.

Why everyone should care about an anniversary is simple. It is a time to celebrate something special. It is time to celebrate life, love, happiness, and just a fantastic time. Granted there are anniversaries that do not make us happy. My cousin's life is one of them. However, it is still a time to cherish what that person once was and what that person did to the world, to people, to us. It is still a time to celebrate. 

An anniversary can be many things but in my opinion is only one thing: a reminder of happiness.

I am ready to celebrate six months. 
How? Besides getting dressed all cute and looking all beautiful...the plan is to escape our current city and head on over to my favorite city ever. A stop at our absolute favorite cupcake place is a must, a stroll along the water, a few hikes up those beautiful hills, a fun photo shoot, and just a day full of laughter, smiles, jokes, and great food {plus, I have to make him love that city more; he hasn't fully warmed up to it yet}. It is not a one-year anniversary so we will not go overboard. It is the little things that count and all those cherished moments that will enrich our daily life.

So, why you should care about your anniversary?!
Because it is part of your chosen life and part of you. In short, because the anniversary is YOU. Cherish you, spoil you, and most importantly love you.



Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary :)

Krysten Quiles said...

I'm pretty mad because my wedding anniversary is on Memorial Day weekend. At work we're not even allowed to request that weekend off. I will be livid if I have t spend my anniversary working. Not okay.

Lindsay F. said...

Do enjoy yourselves and have a cupcake or three. ;) Happy anniversary!!



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