February 13, 2015

Friday Love

Navy Blue and Gold

Happy Friday my loves!
Even though it is still February I am lusting for some cute and simple spring outfits. March is around the corner after all. However, I promised myself not to go shopping until May/June unless it was truly and fully necessary. This means, major drama in the house {because, really, I so want to go shopping} and major happiness in my bank account. I have now time to give my current wardrobe a chance to show its full potential and to come up with new ideas to create fun outfits. I have seen other bloggers do this on a regular basis and believe that we can in fact use what we already own for at least half a year, we just get caught up with magazines, shows, and other beautiful fashion lovers to try new trends and spend money. As awesome as it is to hold a new skirt or a new pair of flats or sandals I know I will love to see more in my savings account each week! 

I still love to put sets together and get inspired. Since tomorrow is Valentine's Day this cute outfit would work perfectly as well {if temperatures allow of course}. My favorite person {B} and I won't do anything tomorrow. We are not into Valentine's Day Celebrations, but we will make sure to watch a movie at home. Maybe I get him to watch a silly and cute chick flick. If not, we will choose a film that is on our movie-list we update weekly. AFI's 100 movies is one awesome way to make any date night special.

Do you have any fun plans for tomorrow?
Or are you like us not doing a thing?!



Lila said...

We actually celebrated early with an outing to see Kurios. http://bellagetsreal.blogspot.com/2015/02/very-very-kurios.html

Wishing you a wonderful day.

Sara Strand said...

I love that skirt!!!!

Ashley said...

I definitely like to make sure I have watched all the classic movies. I want to conquer that list :) good choice!

Christina said...

I'm totally with you on not shopping! In fact, I'm doing a spending freeze in March, which means not veering from our grocery list, no eating out, and no clothes or makeup. Yikes! Hahah. I have to do it though!


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