February 16, 2015

No Alcohol Food Challenge Update

As you know I am doing a food challenge for the first six months of this year. January I gave up sweets, and this month I am giving up alcohol. I like these kind of challenges because they give me a chance to better myself and to live healthier. Giving up sweets was an interesting experience and giving up alcohol is an even better experience. It is not difficult but it is still challenging. You know, on date night we are just drinking water or sweet tea. A glass of my favorite red wine would be just perfect. Either way, I am doing great so far and even though I do miss a drop or two of my favorite wine I am not having a hard time. I have to say though that my consumption of sweets or sweeter drinks has increased; just water and tea was boring over time. 

The biggest challenge has yet to come. I will be giving up dairy next month and I believe this will be difficult. I am currently researching breakfast options to keep me going throughout the day, and believe me or not it is not as easy as I thought. The Internet is a vast place and it helps tremendously. I have found a few options and I know what I can eat or substitute or change. Giving up sweets and giving up alcohol was one thing but next month will be very interesting.

I am almost done with this month and I cannot wait to go out on a date and enjoy a glass of red wine with my favorite person. Almost done. Almost done. Almost done. YES.

Any suggestions for me for next month are greatly appreciated. Nutella bread was one option, and lots of lots of fruit and granola only. Yet this can be boring after about a week, so I need to spice it up.  So, if you know of a few fun substitutes please let me know! Thank you.

Hope you are having a great Monday!
Cannot believe this month is halfway through already, time sure flies.


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Tobia Nooke said...

Oh wow , giving up dairy would kill me. However I would try to do one day as moral support for you. What do you think?!
Good luck with the rest of the alcohol challenge,

Krysten Quiles said...

Oatmeal or smoothies? I make a big smoothie (fruits and water) for breakfast each day with a handful of almonds.

Allison said...

This one would be such a challenge for me - I LOVE a glass of wine (or two) to accompany dinners. I'm so proud of your hard work with these challenges. It's NOT easy to give anything up, but you're doing tremendously. The month is almost over, so you're so close!
With the different kind of "milk" options out there (I prefer almond or coconut), hopefully you'll be able to handle the no dairy. Like I said, I think it's so commendable that you're trying these eliminations, and sticking with them! Hang in there, girlfriend.

Christina said...

Great job with the alcohol! Dairy would be sooo hard for me. I don't drink milk (except for a tiny bit in cereal) but I love cheese and yogurt so much. You can do it though! And like Allison said, check into coconut and almond milk.


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