February 4, 2015

What Are You Willing To Do For A Pizza?!

Pizza is one of my favorites. It fuels me and it makes me smile when I smell its deliciousness from afar. I even love making my own pizza, at home or in a restaurant. Over the past few years make-your-own pizza places have sprouted and it is no secret that all of them are successful {some more than others}. It is like creating your own sandwich, just this time it is a pizza. 

The other day I discovered that my absolute favorite Southern California joint Pieology made its way to Sacramento. Apparently they opened about two months ago and oh my, my heart skipped a beat knowing my beloved pizza making place is just ten minutes away from where I live. Yay!!!! 

This company is expanding immensely fast. When my friend M and I discovered this place they only had about three locations and all within Southern California. Now they have expanded to Arizona, Central and Northern California, Minnesota, Ohio, Oregon and other states. No doubt they will open more locations. 

The trick with this company is simple. Make your own pizza regardless of how many toppings you add and it's $7.95 plus taxes. They have some favorites you can order just like that, or skip the pizza and get a salad only {but to be honest, I have never seen anyone get a salad...}. Gluten free pizza crusts are also available for an extra $2 {or they forget to charge you, like they mostly forget with me and then you are even happier and luckier when it comes to the delicious outcome}. They even change their gloves for you. Plus, I have never had an issue with their gluten free pizzas, ever. Kudos to that.

So, what am I willing to do for a pizza?!
I waited 40 minutes in line the other day to get my beloved Pieology Pizza. I wasn't happy. This was the longest wait ever. It usually takes, on really heavy days and lunch/dinner hours, 20 minutes and that is tolerable. But forty long minutes was ridiculous. So I sucked it up, waited, got my pizza and enjoyed it like I always do, went home and wrote the company a few suggestions so they hopefully improve the service at that specific location {newly opened or not, service needs to be great}. 

Yes, I am willing to stand in line, and I am willing to share and tell. I believe in giving back. If I am not satisfied with something I will tell. I wrote Starbucks before, had issues with other chains and what not, and always got my money back or even was sent coupons for free meals. I never raised my voice, or got mad in front of people but politely told the manager or the main people behind a brand how I felt and what went wrong. Openness and respect from me was heard and welcomed. 

You might be wondering what the point of this post is?! The point I am making here is one, go out and explore new restaurants, two, if Pieology is in your area and you haven't been GO THERE NOW, and three, when you are not satisfied with something write or/and talk to whoever is in charge, be polite about it and let them know that you simply have a few suggestions for a better service or future outcome. 

If no one tells them what went wrong how will they ever know?!

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Krysten Quiles said...

Mmmm I want pizza!

Mree said...

I so love pizza.

Christina said...

We don't have Pieology here, but a very similar place called Mod Pizza and I love it! It always has a long line too. :(


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