January 29, 2016

Happy Friday!

Friday is a day everyone looks forward to.
I think today I am, too. Not only will I get to spend the weekend with my man, we also have a few errands to run together and so, spend time together. Life together is awesome, but sometimes it is so hard to keep up with every day life. We may eat dinner together, and somewhat talk but there is always a void. Life gets busy and we end up exhausted at 7pm. And yes, we have no kids yet. Cannot wait to see what that does to us. Hahaha. Seriously, I felt my eyes close around 7.10. I think my delicious dinner made me sleepy. 

But I digress. Today, once again, I am joining two wonderful bloggers Krysten and Lindsay with their weekly series "10 Things that Made Me Happy This Week". I'm sharing with you what made me smile and happy this week. Plus, as you know, Happiness is my word for 2016. So I better find a ton of happiness in every day. Happy Friday!

1. I completed almost everything on my Weekly Hopes list
2. Raindrops
3. Connections
4. Homemade meatloaf
5. Coffee
6. Picture frames for home decor {so excited}
7. My favorite healthy drink keeping me active and feeling great - posted on Instagram
8. Smoothies
9. Snapchat {yes, I'm on it, want to follow me? Email me.}
10. A lot less pain

What made you happy this week?
Was it sunshine, an email, or a hug from your best friend or child? Come link up. 

Happy Friday!


Sandy Mangis said...

What makes me happy is seeing the world come together and share what we all have within us. Ok I know that was deep, but I love to see people smile.

Charlotte Klein said...

Love your list! I totally know what you mean--there are times when I feel ready to pass out and then I look at the time and think "WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME?!" lol. And I don't have kids either. I think it's just life. Sometimes it's way too exhausting.

Hope you have a great weekend--and enjoy quality time together.

PS: I think I could devote a full series to the magic that is coffee... Mmmm

The Flynnigans said...

I'm thrilled to hear you're in less pain. I'm glad things are good babe. Sounds like a good weekend together, if nothing else but good time together. :) xoxox have a great weekend love


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