January 6, 2016

Quick and Easy Dinner with Kielbasa

Making any kind of dish can be dreadful, especially when you believe you are not good at cooking. Trust me. I have been there. I thought I sucked the living life out of every kitchen tool and would ruin every meal by just attempting to read the recipe. Yes, I have failed. I have also succeeded. The minute I realized that I am no super human with super powers I learned to let go of fear and try what I wanted to try; with or without a recipe.

I started with easy dishes. Cooking pasta, rice, roasting potatoes, crockpotting {did I just make this up?!}, and salads. It cannot get easier than that. Crockpots are my best friends. Toss the meat in, add seasoning, water or broth or what not and hit buttons and voila, your desired dish will be ready in 4-8 hours. I have not failed at that once. I know people who failed, so yeah, that is that. Then, months ago I was craving meat. Yes, I eat meat. I may have a gluten intolerance and when I eat it I turn pregnant and rash-y {not a cute side effect at all}, but being gluten free doesn't mean meat-free. I try to limit our weekly meat intake but I am a meat lover. There you go, I said it. So, when I had that intense meat craving I wanted something easy. I know how to make meatloaf in all kinds of shapes and forms, and I might have tried myself with a turkey but when I cook I want it quick and easy. I don't want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. A quick and easy dinner had to be found. I walked through the meat aisles and found Kielbasa. I immediately knew that this was my meat, bought it and voila...I had myself a new dish at home, and a dinner ready with Kielbasa.

Here's what you need and what you do:

1 Kielbasa {or any other sausage, but I have tried a few others and always return to K}
1 onion
2-4 potatoes of your choice
1-2 zucchini {optional}
1-2 bell peppers of your choice {I prefer green and red}

- Cut all the vegetables into junks, cut the Kielbasa into nice, medium-sized rounds.
- Cook/Roast the potatoes as they are taking longer.
- Cook/Roast the Kielbasa either separately for about 6 minutes on medium or add them a little later than the potatoes.
- Once almost done, add the onions, bell peppers, and zucchini. Stir well.
- Season with salt and pepper.
- If you feel adventurous add some paprika, cumin, or curry to the veggies.
- Roast everything together for a few more minutes. Stir once more.

Serve while it's hot.
Add a salad to the dish, or a fun yogurt sauce. Easy and quick.

This Kielbasa dish never fails us.


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