January 18, 2016

Weekly Hopes {25}

One week has passed by so quickly, you guys. I spent a wonderful time with friends and family. I even helped my best friend move. It was a crazy move, you know, those that require quick thinking and action. No time for dwell in the past, no time to slowly go through things. It was time to act fast and go! And yes, I think the move went well. Now my body just hurts...I'm done with moving for the next few years. :)

This post comes a bit late but I don't ever want to skip Weekly Hopes. So with that in mind, here's my list for this week:

1 - Getting my fur babies back
2 - Donating more items
3 - Writing thank you notes
4 - Writing a letter to someone and it won't be easy {wish me luck}
5 - San Francisco
6 - New recipes to try
7 - Trying my new soothing eye gel from Mary Kay! So excited.

I have seven awesome things planned this week. Well, number four is not that awesome but it will feel great once done. We will drive one day to San Francisco as we are planning on meeting and catching up with a relative. So excited, plus, I have to show my better half my favorite city a bit more. He's still not convinced it's nice. Ha!

How was your weekend?! 
Hope this week treats you beautifully...cannot believe it's already past mid-January! 


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