January 25, 2016

Weekly Hopes {26}

I meant to write and share more last week. I believe in writing blog posts on a regular basis but also on a more natural basis. I love the schedule feature; it has helped out a lot. However, blogging live, showing full on authenticity and not fully having the need to write every day is more my style these days. We all know blogging is not just writing, it's a lot more than that. So, I'm trying to keep it real and somewhat "live".

How's your Monday going so far? Mine? It's filled with ideas and hopes and wishes...so here we go:

1 - Date night on Saturday with my man {one he doesn't forget this time}
2 - Sending out two packages {one is long overdo}
3 - Cleaning out my closet; I do this almost once a month
4 - Exercising three times a week {Monday, Wednesday, Friday}
5 - Painting my nails again
6 - Testing and reviewing a few facial products
7 - Less rain
8 - Sending out resumes

California needs rain, yes, but it doesn't need so much rain so nothing will be absorbed anymore. So, less rain would be appreciated. Also, painting nails and sending out packages sounds easy but it is not. I would not have put it off for so long if it were a piece of cake. And yes, I am applying for a new job. I need to, it is time, and I am ready. This is all I can say.

Let's hope this week will rock my world and let me cross off everything on my Weekly Hopes list!!!

Happy Monday!



Marie said...

Yay for date night!! I love this series. I too need to clean out my closets. I find myself being so lazy lately. Good luck finding a new job!! Sending good vibes your way.

The Flynnigans said...

I need to go through my closet again. I started cleaning out/purging stuff from our storage locker yesterday, but I need to go through my closet. It always gets out of control, and there's always things in it that don't bring me joy or that I wear enough to justify keeping it.
Thanks for the reminder Hun :)


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