January 20, 2016

Currently {4}

Thinking about: When I hear back from potential employers. Also, last week's trip is still on my mind. I'm mostly thinking about that one because, well, I miss Southern California and its fantastic breeze. It's been raining here and although this state needs water it doesn't need this much rain at once. Mud slide alert, y'all!

Listening: TV noise and neighbors slamming their doors for no reason {manner clearly mean nothing to them}. Oh, and I hear my diffuser diffusing a blend that keeps me alert and at the same time supports my immune system. During this colder time of year I will not allow myself to get sick.

Watching: My fur babies explore our home again. We picked them up yesterday from their almost two-week retreat at their "grandma's". I'm sure she spoiled them rotten. Now it's back to living with us again and seeing them realizing they are home again...priceless.

Besides that, I'm catching up on a few TV shows I missed watching while away. It's a great day!!!

Reading: Emails, blogs, and yes, even a book {not at the same time though}. Currently reading Trace Evidence

Loving: My new piggy mug, and a few new home accessories I bought while away last week. Our bathroom has a beach theme and I needed a few extra items. I want to hang out in our bathroom all the time now. :)

So, what are you currently doing?

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