January 4, 2016

Weekly Hopes {23}

How's the new year treating you so far?
It is Day 4 of 2016. As you know, my word this year is Happiness. I try to stay true to this and stick with it throughout this year no matter what fate throws at me. With that, I am happily {see what I did there?} announcing that I will continue with my Weekly Hopes Series. It's already my 23rd time since my first WH post and I cannot be more proud of my life and my accomplishments since I started WH. I needed this. I still need it today. We all need something to look forward to and to make ourselves happy. Having hopes, weekly goals and wishes is a great way to start any week; even the most dreadful one.

I'm jumping right into my Weekly Hopes for 2016. Let's see what my wishes are this week:

1 - Massages
2 - Dropping off the fur babies at their human grandma's {let's hope I can keep it together}
3 - Raclette for dinner {Swiss dish}
4 - Movie Date
5 - Continue reading my first book for this year, thanks to my reading challenge
6 - Finishing projects before we head on home to SoCal

It's going to be a good week. We will drop of the fur babies and it will be bittersweet. We will be traveling to Southern California to see family and friends and decided not to bring our ladies with us. They are used to traveling and it wouldn't be a big deal but it will be better for all of us not to bring them. I'll miss them. My morning snuggles will be missing. However, I know it'll be fun to get them back and resume our life together. 

A movie date, at an actual movie theater, will be equally as fun. We haven't gone for almost 10 months. Yes, that long. We wanted to go so many times but my anxiety flared up, or work interrupted our date time, or we just didn't feel like going and spending money. We always stayed in and watched movies at home in our pajamas. 

What does your week look like?
Any fun plans ahead of you?
I hope this week goes smoothly for you!!

Happy Monday!


P.s. and yes, I changed the WH photo. New Year, new everything!

1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

I'm sure the ladies will be fine, it's just you that will be heartbroken until you are reunited again.
Have a great time in Southern Cali, girl. xo


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