January 5, 2016

50 Things To Throw Away NOW

Every season I clean out my closets. All of them. I get rid of clothes I no longer want to wear, haven't worn or touched for months; I go through my notebooks, stationery, pens, and magazines. I will not browse through a food magazine from 2010, and I certainly will not wear that cute shirt I bought a year ago but haven't touched in months. I also don't need four pairs of sneakers, or twelve pairs of jeans. Granted, this year it is a bit different. I brought everything I owned in Europe over here, and although I donated and tossed so much overseas already, there is always going to be an item or two I will never touch again. NOW is the time to get rid of exactly that said item{s}. We all know it's not just one item. We also certainly know our clothes are not the only drama corner in our home. There is more, and today it is time to look at what you could and probably should throw away now. 

  1. Hangers from the dry cleaners
  2. Hangers from the store {they really don't go well with the rest in your closet}
  3. Magazines from five years ago, well, all those from 2015 and older. You know which ones.  
  4. Old newspapers and newspaper clippings you will never look at again.
  5. Old product boxes {mixers, TV, diffusers, shoes, etc} you know you won't ever use again. Not even to fill with Christmas gifts next year. Toss them, or donate.
  6. Bills, taxes, and that paperwork over 5 years old {go paperless; being clutter free is awesome}
  7. Take out menus you never ever look at again
  8. Old technology {VHS tapes since you probably don't have a player anymore (if you do, then keep them), floppy disks, etc etc}
  9. Old greeting cards {birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, thank you's, etc}. I love cards. I keep most but then realize I never look at them again...so why bother keeping them then? Keep a few maybe but toss the rest now!
  10. Plastic cutlery, and plastic plates
  11. Cutlery that is no longer working for ya {I tossed old ones away the other day taking too much space up in our drawer}
  12. Plastic containers without a lid, and those having lost their original shape
  13. Dried up nail polish bottles {gross!!}
  14. Fake jewelry you don't wear at all; you once did but now? Nope.
  15. Old towels you don't ever use and know you won't ever use again.
  16. Old cellphones and covers. You won't look at those photos again, even if you wanted to. Come on, you won't.
  17. Unloved toys and stuffed animals {pets or kids' toys; doesn't matter...toss or donate!}
  18. Video games you will never play again
  19. Expired food in the pantry and/or freezer and fridge {if it expired in 2013...I think it is time to do so}
  20. Matches
  21. Stretched out hair ties, old bobby pins, etc
  22. Little shampoo/conditioner/gel bottles from hotels. You won't ever use them, will you?
  23. Old calendars, organizers, ticket stubs, business cards, notebooks, school books, etc you won't ever touch again
  24. Expired coupons
  25. Holiday Decor; at least the duplicates and the ones you didn't take out last year
  26. Ornaments you don't see as sentimental or cute
  27. Flower pots and watering cans, unless you are having flowers of course
  28. Duplicate extension cords, or cords of any kind
  29. Old wallets or bags. You replaced them for a reason, so why keep the old one?
  30. Clothes that are more than two sizes too small.
  31. Clothes you haven't worn last year at all. Donate or toss.
  32. Clothes that make you feel ugly and uncomfortable. Donate!
  33. Socks, underwear, and shirts/pants with holes, worn out to the max and faded...just toss.
  34. Items you bought and didn't like and wanted to return {return if you can, sell or donate}
  35. Hats you don't wear or look hideous on you. You know they do.
  36. Extra buttons, shoe laces, ties, stockings, leggings, and what not you know you won't ever replace or use
  37. Anything that won't fit your children anymore. 
  38. Cleaning supplies you thought were good but turned out not to work for you. Be gone!
  39. Styling products, lotions, washes, etc you wanted to try but didn't like. Toss!
  40. Bags from the mall, from parties, from grocery stores...why keep them? Toss!
  41. Junk mail {in paper or online}
  42. Candles you once used but haven't used in months or years
  43. Cooking utensils you haven't used in a year. Donate if in good condition.
  44. Touristy/Travel knick-knacks. Keep a few, toss or donate the rest.
  45. Gift cards - Use them. If empty, shred!
  46. Candy you bought to enjoy and somehow forgot existed. Just toss it.
  47. Expired sunscreen.
  48. Old batteries, and ink cartridges. Recycle them so you can get money back.
  49. Plastic bottles, glass bottles, drinking can...recycle them and get money back. 
  50. Broken anything. Unless you are planning on fixing that broken item this week chances are you probably will never fix it. I have been there, tried that and miserably failed. Toss, toss, toss.
There is so much more you can throw away now. This list is endless. I didn't want to bore you, nor did I want to list it all. Every household is different. Everyone has different things, but to be honest, in the end, we all have stuff to get rid of. I just threw away sunscreen which expired two years ago. It smelled great, didn't look too bad, but I think it was just plain lotion now. Plus, I had a new one bought last week. Why keep the old one?! I tossed a lot of broken anything, magazines and newspaper clippings, cellphone covers, old worn-out and faded shirts, as well as bags and boxes. It felt liberating. I feel free now. Plus, there's room now when I walk into my storage closet. Yes!

Always remember you don't have to throw away everything. You can donate {also good for tax purposes}, recycle, and even sell. Schools are great places to donate to, churches too, and well, just the simple Goodwill stores as well. We donated our couch, recliners, new looking shoes, clothes, and bags to our local Goodwill store. I even gave books and kitchen utensils away. I felt great knowing someone else is going to use the items I no longer wanted or needed.

It is a new year and it is the perfect time to start fresh. Clean out your home, one day and room at a time. Donate or toss. Feel free. Feel liberated. Feel happier. It is time to throw away at least 50 things now. Do it. You won't regret it. I promise.



The Flynnigans said...

Donate any towels, blankets and or sheets to any animal shelters; they'll appreciate them too.
Gah I need to spend some time decluttering.

Tobia Nooke said...

What a great reminder and some really useful items you mentioned. I really need to get down to it. I am not good at getting rid of stuff. Its my January goal though...
Happy decluttering, Tobia


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