January 27, 2016

How to add Happiness to your Life

Life is tough. Don't roll your eyes. Yes, it is. We don't always acknowledge the fact that we do so much during one whole day, one full week, heck one long month. We have to pay bills, buy groceries, clean, organize, schedule appointments, get things fixed, work, work out, talk, meet up, share, and spend time with family and friends. The list is endless. Plus this list does not include emergency situations; you know those you will never be fully prepared for. Life is tough.
At the same time it is also beautiful. To make it more beautiful, to make it happy even during the darkest times it is time to remind ourselves that even though life is tough and sad and busy there is always something to brighten our day. We need to add daily happiness to our lives! 

My five favorite things to flavor up my daily life, my crazy little world {see what I did, just now?}, will not be your things to add happiness to your life, yet, they will give you ideas what could bring happiness to your busy, tough or even sad life. Don't get me wrong, I don't fully think your life is lame and if it did, then MY life is just as lame. We all need that extra thing/item/moment/color adding a happy moment to our {dull} life. ;) 

My kitties. Yes, I admit it. I love my fur babies. They give me so much joy it is unfathomable. Whenever I feel down {and this happens very often} all I have to do is look at, snuggle and play with them. They know no fear, are curious, love to cuddle and crack me up when they make their hungry noises. Plus, this pictured little nugget chirps. She does this when she's happy, when she plays, and when she's looking for either me or her sister. Loving it. So much cuteness and so much happiness added to my life.

Sunsets. It's harder to catch them where I'm living at now so I miss them a lot. Yet, when I do catch them I grab my phone and take as many photos as possible. The photos never show the sunset's pure beauty but they come somewhat close. Plus, hello, am I the only one loving palm trees? It's a double happiness factor...palm tress and sunsets!

Coffee. Do I say more? Probably. I know some people don't like coffee and I am perfectly okay with that. My best friend doesn't drink coffee, she drinks tea instead. I don't like coffee for its caffeine though. I drink it because its warm, flavorful scent makes me feel secured. No matter what mood I am in a simple sip of a milk coffee {or a latte as many call it} adds pure happiness to my day; any day. During cold winter times it is even more important for me to get my cup; either with a flavor or without. If I don't get my coffee I can be pleased with a cup of peppermint tea, or a chai latte. Yet, really, nothing comes as close as a hazelnut or vanilla flavored black coffee. Yum.

Anything home related. Crate and Barrel? Yes please. West Elm? Yes. Pottery Barn? Yes yes! IKEA? Sure. Target? Of course. Z Gallery? Absolutely. Not saying I have all the money for it. I probably won't even purchase an item but browsing through these stores brings joy to me. I get inspired by pastel colored anything, by cute decor, mirrors, and glasses. Want to make me smile, bring me to one of these stores and it'll work like magic.

Pinterest & Instagram. Quotes, photos, recipes, decor ideas, and inspirations. I get it all from these two sites. I am also slightly OCD and want to put everything in a folder. Pinterest helps me do that. Instagram makes me simply happy. Their filters are awesome but I usually prefer to add no filter at all. After all it's called Instagram; a combination of instant and I would guess telegram {you know, where mankind used to send info/updates/letters}. You update your friends, family and strangers with a photo. No matter what mood I am in, these two sites and apps add happiness to my life.

I know my five things to add happiness to my life are lame but hey, it's a start. I don't get to see sunsets often, but when I do I am a happy girl. My kitties drive me nuts at times but they still make me laugh out loud when they play with one another or fail to jump right. Also, I am a homebody. I want my home to reflect my feelings, my life, my style so anything related to home shopping makes me incredibly happy.

What are a few things that make your life happy?
What kind of happiness do you add to you life?
Do we have anything in common?


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Tobia Nooke said...

Ah... I like coffee too but I have to say tea equally maybe even a tiny tiny bit more. But whatever it is a hot steaming cup can make all the difference in day that is tough.
I also like snowflakes. Seeing one gives me an instant happiness boost.
Have a wonderful day,


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