April 22, 2016

Happy Friday - Family Edition

Most Fridays I participate by linking up with Krysten, Lindsay and Charlotte for their 10 Things that Made me Happy this Week series. Love this idea. This week I was debating whether or not to participate. Not because I had nothing "happy" to report but because I felt I didn't have the time to share it with you. Well, I decided to stay home today and sleep in...I didn't sleep in because at five in the morning we were woken up by loud and screaming neighbors. Crazy world. So my happiness loving self didn't want to blog but because I believe blogging/writing helps improve any bad mood I decided to open my laptop and start writing...and here I am, sharing with you what made me happy...shall we begin?

1. Mimosas
2. Board Games
3. Rain
4. A glass cake plate I received from my cousin in Istanbul - I am in love!

5. Seeing the Sheriff arrive at my neighbors {yes I'm mean but it made my happy...finally!}
6. Crying
7. StitchFix 
8. Kicking my allergies in the butt with natural remedies
9. Lindsay and her uplifting words, she knows when to send an email at the right time. Love ya!
10. Massage

It's been an interesting week. When I needed it most I received the above plate at the right time. I had been crying all day, feeling sad, feeling hurt, feeling pain and having a hard time breathing in general. I felt awful. I decided to check the mail and found out I had a package from my cousin waiting for me. She told me she sent me something but didn't elaborate on it. Well, once it arrived my heart and mind brightened and I felt more relaxed. When you feel lonely and feel like you don't have friends and especially family {blood related family that is} near you everything hurts. These next two weeks will be challenging but manageable. Receiving this plate showed me I am still loved and linked to my family abroad. Receiving this plate gave me hope, and it gave me courage. I felt instantly loved. Needless to say I cried for another hour knowing I am loved and missed and appreciated. Mushy I know but so worth mentioning because hey, I am only human and life happens. 

So yes, with that...my week has been great. Who would complain when one can list mimosas, a massage, a StitchFix delivery and a precious glass plate to their happy list? Yup, no one should complain about that at all. 

Come and join the fun and link up!! You won't regret it.
Happy Friday everyone! Have a fantastic day and weekend ahead of you.



The Flynnigans said...

Good morning love, I love you so. I hope you have a peaceful (?!) morning with no interruptions from external sources (cough: neighbors).
Have a lovely weekend my fear Xxoxox!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Mimosas always make me happy too! That cake plate is so cool! Happy mail is so fun to get. :)


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