April 27, 2016

5 Night Routines for a Healthy Relationship

There are tons of books out there talking about how to fix a relationship, how to live better, how to behave better, how to act, and how not to act. Honestly, I never touched one. I believe in the written word and I am sure that all these books help in some way and show a way to improve or enjoy a happier relationship especially when the relationship is not going so well. There is a book for pretty much anything and everything. What inspires me though is to find out how to make the already happy and well functioning relationship work even better. Why look for help or suggestions when something is crumbling, about to shatter into millions of pieces? You can call it prevention...I call it inspiration. Bring the better you out and live it so it is felt and shown in any relationship. Here are my five tips to add to your night routine when in a relationship...

  1. Never ever go to bed angry or mad. Not worth it. It will kill your sleep. Seriously, think about it. When you go to bed angry you are stressed and stress doesn't necessarily lead to sleep. You won't be able to fall asleep as fast or rest as much as you would like to. You may sleep but how peaceful will that sleep be when you are angry at your partner? You wake up groggy and your day is off to a bad start.
  2. Prepare for the next day. Now this sounds like it doesn't belong here but look at it this way...when you prepare for the next day you not only lay out clothes, shoes and get your bag{s} ready, you also prepare for the future. You look ahead. You plan. You look forward to the next day {or not, depending on what you're up to}. Yet, the more you prepare for the next day the easier your morning will be...and the smoother your night's rest will feel as well.
  3. Put all electronics away {phones, tablets, laptops}. It's a distraction. If you really want to check with social media, emails or games before you go to bed schedule a specific time for it. Let's say you go to bed at 10.30, make 9.30 to 9.45 the time to check for all of that and then make those bad boys go away! No need to lay in bed next to your partner and not engaging with your partner, which brings me to the next tip:
  4. Connect. Talk, play games, massage, tickle, be intimate in any kind of form you would like. Being intimate does not mean you have to have sex, remember that. Connect with your partner. We talk a lot in bed. We go over the day, what went right what went wrong. What the next day looks like or the next week.  All that while he is massaging that knot on my muscle away. This gives us a chance to re-connect, to get everything out of the way and clear our heads so we don't go to bed angry {see tip #1}.
  5. Always kiss good-night and say good-night. It's that simple. We made a rule that we would always do this no matter what. It makes sense and brings harmony. It's also a nice way to end any day and know that you are not alone and loved. It is part of my fourth tip, but brings this nightly routine to an end. 
These are my night routines for my healthy relationship with my man. There are many more tips out there on what to do before you go to bed. Yes, shower, brush teeth, remove make-up, stretch, read, play with pets, put lotion on, or what not. All those are important, too. Today I wanted to solely focus on five simple yet effective ways to end a day and get a hopefully good night's rest. You may think, wait a minute...what if you have children? What is that nightly routine going to look like then because it is quite likely to happen that both sides will be exhausted and won't have time for a good-night kiss...

...well, then my lovely readers...then I don't know. Is a kiss really that hard to manage?


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