April 14, 2016

Fires - QOTD #28

"When the fires come, and they will, quitting will always seem to be the best escape route. But if we take a few more steps, show a little more effort, and put a few more seeds in the ground, maybe, just maybe, we will start to see something beautiful happen."
Nicki Koziarz

I am currently reading a book I normally wouldn't pick. However, I find myself drawn to a lot of stories she describes and it all feels so real. Whatever happens in our life we are not alone. There's usually someone who has gone through the same or something very similar {or worse but we won't go there}. These days I tend to believe in the good, the positive, the fun, the uplifting...and when I read a book and read a story about how she almost set her whole crops on fire...I had to laugh. This certainly has not happened to me, but plans got shattered or changed so drastically that it felt like a fire hit my precious home. With that being said...I hope that whatever life gives you that you make the best out of it. Cherish the moment, learn from whatever is happening to you, and move on {however fast you want to move on}. There's always something beautiful about to happen, always!


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