April 15, 2016

Happy Friday - Spring Love

Is it really Friday already? It's is insane how fast time flies. It's already mid-April, too...slow down there, time, will ya? Besides my awareness of how fast time flew by in the past few weeks, I hope your week has been great and that this month has treated you fairly well. 

Like most Fridays I am linking up with Lindsay, Krysten and Charlotte for their weekly series 10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week. Join the fun if you wish...it's a lot of fun! :) Let's look at what made me happy this week...because there is always something that makes one happy and smiling! Always!

1. The Catch
2. Windy days...yes!
3. Raclette
4. Pearl - our new car
5. Sweet Tea
6. Sitting outside on the patio and enjoying dinner and drinks
7. Gray nail polish
8. House scouting {in our area this time}
9. Better focus thanks to Rosemary essential oil
10. Wifi working again {yay!!}

It's been a great week. The sun is back and their forecast for a rainy couple of days was a fail, so you could find me outside a lot. I love this spring breeze we are having lately...so refreshing and not at all bothersome. I love the wind. There's people who don't like windy days because it messes with their hair but I really don't care about that...I love when my hair gets all messed up...ok, maybe not to 100% but I still love it. :) 

Am I the only one loving this?!

Happy Friday my lovely readers...hope you're having a fantastic weekend!! I'm going to enjoy it with B as this is the only weekend he gets off this year! Yes, this year, only weekend, and I am so taking advantage of this!!!


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The Flynnigans said...

Happy Friday my dear. ;) I can't believe it's Friday, again, but I'm grateful. It's been a really busy week at work and with my physio appointments and therapy, I'm friggin' exhausted.
I hope you have some downtime with your man this weekend! ;) love ya! xoxo


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