April 29, 2016

Kitchen Item Lust

Summer is around the corner, there's no denying this. Temperatures are slowly rising, flowers are blooming, we see more produce, more flies, more ants, too, lighter clothing material, and more recipes that allow us to dream of salads and BBQ dinners in the backyard. What is not to love? Right? So here I am looking around my kitchen realizing I needed new bowls {ours have clearly seen better days}, a few new accessories to make this year's summer bright and fun, and a new cutting board. So I went online shopping...online window shopping so far and here's what I found:

Summer kitchen item lust

How cute is this cutting board!!?! Showing my state pride with this beauty. You can find it at JCPenney's and even BedBath&Beyond. Summer always consists of lots of cool drinks. I make my own lavender lemonade and lemon water so a new pitcher is also needed. Turquoise is such a perfect summer color {also available in different colors} so I am slightly drooling here. Our plates are still pretty okay so I may not upgrade the collection but I could always use new ones that go with a new summer pitcher. I have been looking for a tray to add to our home and well, I might have just found it. I don't shop seasonally but sometimes you got to add a bit of color to your every day life and kitchen. Plus, with summer almost here why not start now and not when it is too late {or sold out}.

I don't want to spend a ton on new items. Items are clearly just items and can always be replaced. Yet, over the past few months I realized that waiting for the right time or moment to purchase something new is silly. That moment may never come so why wait? Go get yourself that cutting board showing off some state pride, or new bowls because well, you know you need and want it all. Plus, again, you'll regret it later I am sure.

My kitchen item lust list would go on but I can only afford so much while still staying sane. I clearly don't want to go overboard and replace it all because, well, I don't have the money and frankly not even the space for it. Ha! 

Are you like me lusting over new kitchen utensils or plates, or what not?! If so, what is it? Let me know.

Have an amazing day and weekend ahead of you. I promise I'll stay away from all the shopping. ;-)


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