April 25, 2016

Weekly Hopes {39}

Another day, another week and another Weekly Hopes from yours truly...so let's jump right to it because I can't wait to tell you what I am hoping for this week...plus it's early and I don't want to miss my favorite part of the day...working out my legs and butt! Yes!!!

This week my Weekly Hopes consists of...

1. Warmer weather
2. Baking
3. Seeing an old friend from Southern California {she's here for business but hey I get to see her}
4. Dinner downtown somewhere
5. Butt kicking workouts
6. Catching up on emails, blogs, and questions
7. Happiness and Distractions
8. Hope
9. Hugs and determination
10. Laughter, lots of laughter

These hopes may be simple but sometimes simple hopes are crucial for survival. One year ago I was a mess. This doesn't mean I am no mess at the moment but I am more me. I can breathe, I can dream, and I can hope. One year ago I tried to strongly hold onto hope for about two weeks. I tried to find power and strength and faith. Nothing worked. Nothing helped. So, this week and next I am trying to focus on what is now and not what once was. I was a mess last year this time around but this year I want to be hopeful, happy, smiling, and ready to be me. Wish me luck!!


1 comment :

Sara Strand said...

I so very badly want/need warmer weather. I got all cocky and hopeful last week and here we are- today it's 45 mph winds, rain/snow mix and barely above freezing. I'm just so tired. I know it's only April and this is normal but man... I could use a long stretch of warm sunshine.


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