April 19, 2016

Currently {7}

Thinking about: Lately, I have a few dates on my mind and what we {or I} should do on those dates. One is May 6, one is June 2, and one is August 29. As August is far away I'm mainly focusing on May and June. May 6 will mark one year since my mom chose to give up living life and sleep forever {yes, I'm still slightly bitter about it}. I was told, and I have read, it is best to get distracted that day and "celebrate" it somehow. I dread that day. I dread May in general. I don't know how to go about it. We have it marked in our calendar but I honestly don't know what to do that day.
June 2 is my birthday...so we are planning on maybe having lunch. My friends live far away so there's that {yes, I'm sad and alone, blahblahblah} and I realized just this second that my man has school that day. We can't even take the day off together and celebrate it. Oh now I'm even more confused on what to do. See? I have a ton to think about.

Listening: Online classes and background noises our cats are making. Weird combo I know. I love that I can have both. The classes are free, and I still get the info I need. And who doesn't like kitty noises...their bells tell me exactly what they are up to...for most of the time. :) 

Watching: A couple of shows I am catching up on. We have an on demand feature and it is certainly a blessing. I do record as well. While I am trying to catch up on I also am trying to live life and stay away from the TV and the Internet as often as even possible. Life is too beautiful to sit inside and get squared eyed. 

Reading: Good Housekeeping! Love that magazine. Helps me find new recipes, new ways to clean, cook, live life, and what not. Also, I am finishing up my book for the book club. We read one chapter per week, so there's no stress...love that aspect of that group. Other than that, I am working on convincing my man to choose a book for me to read...fingers crossed it is not about a serial killer on the interstate 5 this time. ;-)

Loving: My snuggle time with Luna and Lilee. Both kitties decided April was "we love mommy month". So, every second they get they snuggle with me. Not with B, with me. And that for hours!! Besides that, I am also loving the warmer weather {although it's gotten a bit too hot lately for this time of year} and the fact that my body accepts my wish to workout more...meaning, it won't let me down and so far so good because I am not that much in pain. Yay.
Planning: Our summer 2016. Last summer was a bust. This summer, well, it looks a bit more promising. B will be busy with three heavy summer courses {leading him closer to an end}, and I will be busy working as well {fingers crossed}. We had plans to go to Arizona and/or Europe and both got canceled thanks to his summer courses, but I know we can still make a trip happen. We will see if we have enough money and time to visit family in the Midwest for a few days.  

What are you currently up to?! 
Anything exciting?

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