April 8, 2016

Happy Friday!!

Happy Friday my lovely readers,

So this week was not my week at all. My weekly post didn't get published until, well, many days later and I have no idea why. I think I either forgot to hit publish or something went wrong...now it's up which to be honest doesn't really make any difference. I'm shocked I didn't notice. Oh well, life continues, doesn't it?

So let's jump right into this post, shall we? List most Friday I am linking up with Krysten, Lindsay and Charlotte for their weekly linkup series "10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week". I think it's fun to look back at any week and find the little {or big} things that made me smile, dance, laugh out loud or just jump for joy! Since this week wasn't the best let's see if I can find something that still brought made me smile...

1. Warm weather {hello, 80 degree weather!}
2. New spring shoes...thank you Target
3. Working out
4. No issues with my allergies
5. Criminal Minds {I watched it a week later than normal}
6. Breakfast for dinner
7. A very special wine delivery
8. Thai Food
9. Sour-Cherry drink
10. Thieves cleaner - it literally got rid of a lot of red wine my man spilled the other night. I mean, it was red, very red and it was late and I didn't want to give up and be mad the next day, so I took thieves cleaner and literally put it all over those awful stains and wow, everything is gone!! GONE!!

I found a few things that actually made happy and smile this week. I am beyond happy now. Yay! What about you, what made you happy this week? Join the fun and link up with a few of my favorite bloggers!!!
Happy Friday, and happy early weekend!


1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

Is thieves proprietary to the company that you buy your essential oils from? Or can I go to a natural health store and find that magic??

Happy weekend girlfriend!! I've got a pile of dogs on my lap, sipping coffee. ;-)


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