April 4, 2016

Weekly Hopes {36}

Let's jump right into this, shall we?

I'm hoping to...

1 - wear more sandals and spring clothes
2 - finish up a few errands so we can move on with our lives
3 - apply to a few more places...will this ever end?
4 - BBQ a few things a few times this week...yum!
5 - be more creative with a few DIY projects {more beauty DIY but still...}
6 - try more recipes to spice things up a bit
7 - work out more than just three times a week

I have seven hopes for this week. Seems like a lot but it is not as I had to really think about those hopes. This week will not be a productive one. I mean it will be productive but not as much as I would like it to be. It'll be an easy week. No stress, great weather and a few things to do. Being a domestic engineer can be fun, even when it is not. Now, wait, what? Yes, domestic engineer. I mean, I don't have children yet but I still run the household, I still organize, cook, clean, wash, schedule and what not. My better half looks at me to find out if we have something scheduled for a particular day. I am a domestic engineer. Besides my lovely description of who I am...let's honestly say that I am in need of something else, aka a job.

Anyways, these are my goals for this week....let's see how it turns out...


1 comment :

Tobia | craftaliciousme said...

Wishing you lots of luck in your job hunt. I know how draining it can be and it sucks.
Happy weekend, Tobia


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