April 18, 2016

Weekly Hopes {38}

Don't even get me started...I woke up and it's Monday! Oops...also, I enjoyed the weekend. B was off all weekend long. Despite him studying for a few hours here and there we ended up exploring a nearby town, went to the mall {I can't stand the mall on weekends}, and played board games when we got bored. Oh and it was a hot weekend, too. I'm not ready for summer but yes, bring on the warmer temps!!! But let's look at my Weekly Hopes...

1. My monthly massage
2. StitchFix arriving
3. A cold cut dinner date, with cantaloupe and some wine...Mediterranean style!!
4. Working out again, been slacking last week
5. Pool day
6. DIY projects
7. Emotional healing
8. Planning our summer together
9. Baking
10. Catching up on emails, blogs, people, life...the usual!!!

What's your week going to look like?! Busy?! Laid back or just as always something in between? Let me know. Either way, have an amazing week...I promise to catch up....one day at a time!!! 

Happy Monday my lovely readers,


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