September 5, 2016

Weekly Hopes {57}

Happy Labor Day, America!! This is my first Weekly Hopes in September. It's incredible; fall is here. To me it starts September 1, so we are almost a week old. Wow. What have I done this whole week?! No idea...but I do know it is Monday and time to make my list for this week, so I can look forward to anything I have on that list.

1 - Spending time with my man!
2 - Date night after a very long time..."insert eye roll here!!"
3 - Preparing myself for two challenges beginning this month
4 - Applying each day to ten different places {specifically selected places; 70 in total}
5 - Going through our cabinets and getting rid of unused toxic items
6 - Organize closet to be fall ready
7 - Finish one book
8 - Watch two movies released in my birth year {that will be fun and weird at the same time}
9 - Finishing up my Christmas wish list
10 - Working on my essential oil recipes for the fall {cold & flu time is approaching and I want to be prepared!!}

This week will be fun. I will hate applying again {yes, still looking} but it will click one day and make me happy. Also, date night is a must. It has been a long time. I tried to squeeze one in every week {and mostly failed due to schedule conflicts} but this time I want it to be a real date like it once used to be. A "let's go out and dress up" kind of date. Wish me luck. :) Also, as you know I use essential oils. This is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle. It's like eaten vegan or being a vegetarian. It's not a hobby. I love it and it has helped our bodies and home so much. I always thought it was all about the scent and that is it. Well, I wasn't very off. I have experienced it, and so has B. We are thrilled to see and feel results. Plus, we have not gotten sick during the winter so we are prepping ourselves more for this winter so we won't get sick. With that I am putting together diffuser recipes we will need and have to try as well as combinations to use topically on us. Most of it is very logical as we have been using them for over one year, but some of it will be new as I want to try something new. It's going to be an exciting time. Knowing it will benefit our health and our future only encourages me to work on this. So glad I chose to go this path. :)
And yes, watching movies made in my birth's always fun to see oldies. No? 

Happy Monday!!
Hope your week starts off beautifully and you have a Weekly Hopes list ready as well! :)


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Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I hope you accomplish every one of those goals and I know you can!! :)


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