September 19, 2016

Weekly Hopes {59}

Everything happens for a reason. This is a saying one of my very best friends used a lot. She believed and I am sure she still does that things in life happen when they happen because they were meant to happen right there and then. Simple as that. Truth be told, looking back at what life had in store for me I truly believe so, too. I would not be here writing to you all if I hadn't left my old job behind in hopes to find something new in life. It took me a while but I did find something and someone new. It all happened when I least expected it to, and it worked beautifully.

With this week starting off very differently than usual...I know it's because it needs to happen this way! One day I will know why, but for now...let's see what I am hoping to accomplish or happen this week...

1 - Meetings with a Staffing Company {finally, after oh-so many months of agony!!!}
2 - Visiting a friend who moved to NorCal this weekend {helping him move some more & settle in}
3 - Cooler temps {we are still having 99-degree weather and I am not even kidding!!}
4 - Changing our decor from spring/summer to fall
5 - Donating summer clothes
6 - Send out happy mail
7 - Jacuzzi nights

Not much happening this week or wishing for to happen but it looks all positive, and positive is all I need. Hello new week, I am so ready for you!


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