September 12, 2016

Weekly Hopes {58}

Happy Monday!!!!
I hope you are having a great day, and are ready for this week. I am. I am more determined than ever, especially after this very sad weekend. Let's get started with my Weekly Hopes this week:

1 - chiropractor appointment {oh-so needed}
2 - date night
3 - strength
4 - grief online counseling
5 - movie day?
6 - distractions for the 17th
7 - beginning of my 30-day hustle month challenge

This week is going to be very simple. I like simple. I need simple. We all do I guess. I'm looking forward to my chiropractor appointment because my neck has gotten a bit more stiff in the past few days. I decided to visit once a month now, compared to when I started with three times a week. I have improved greatly; my posture is better, my digestion is better {yes, I have no shame, it's life after all}, and my shoulders feel less heavy. I have decided to attend an online grief counseling this week due to two factors: my mom's birthday is on the 17th and while it is not the first it is a date that brings back more sadness. Also, my best friends' mom passed away Friday unexpectedly. The news didn't get to me at first because I thought it was a joke, but I know it is not. I had to pull myself together while we were skyping. I loved their mom. She was such a sweet, warm and welcoming person. I'm still in shock, and I wish I could be there and give my friends a huge hug and support them in any way possible. My heart broke a little again. So, yes, that's why this online grief counseling is happening. Also, we are having the day off on Tuesday and Tuesdays here are movie days...which means movies are either $5 or $7. We haven't been to the movies in months so it may be fun to go since we are both off. Hoping there's a good movie playing?! 

Other than that, this week will be simple. B's best friend is moving to our area this upcoming weekend, so we are planning on meeting up soon. It's great to have friends close by. We cannot wait to spend time with him as he will be new to this area...and we are already pros. Hahahahaha! Wish us luck!

With that being said I hope you are doing well and enjoying life to the fullest! Hope your Hopes are coming through, or at least you get to make a list and accomplish at least 50% of it.


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