September 7, 2016

Pet Peeve Alert

Pet peeves. We all have them. Some of us are very vocal about them, and others aren't. A year ago I posted a few of mine, because, well, it's part of my life and quite frankly it felt great to share this. A lifestyle blog can be filled with outfits, decorations, and what not...and mine also consists of random ideas, things I like and things, yes, I dislike!!! It's time for me to become vocal again. ;-) 

1. Random shopping carts in the parking lot. Hmmmmm, seriously people. You grabbed the cart, you shopped, and put all your items in the car. Lock that car and put your car away. It's that easy. There are so many aisles available to put the shopping carts back, and a few extra steps have never hurt anyone before. Thinking about this drives me nuts.

2. Tables that are set wrong. Yes, I get it. Not everyone had a grandma who taught them how to properly eat or set a table. Google it though. Fork goes to the left, and the knife goes to the right. Not the other way around. It bugs me. I might be spoiled but heck, it bugs me big time.

3. Toilet paper rolls that are backwards! Do I need to say more?! There's two worlds out there. Rolls that roll with the paper facing forward, and then there's the backward rolling. This is a conversation piece, my lovely readers. There's two worlds there. Which one is correct?! Who knows. For me, it has to be forward rolling...never ever backward!!! Just saying. 

4. When people repeat the same story, over and over and over again. I get it. It was fun, or you had fun. I loved hearing the story once. I was genuinely happy for you. Yet, I don't need to hear the story again the next day, or the next time I see you. Now it's either them having forgotten that they told the story or they think I have forgotten about it. Either way, very annoying and time consuming. 

5. Unfriendly people. That's a logical thing, isn't it? Yet, what I mean here is people who cannot say a simple "hello". When you work in retail, or in the hospitality industry, or are a front desk clerk of whatever business dealing with people coming in and out...have the decency to say "hello" and "bye". That's all. Acknowledge someone came in, it won't kill ya! In this business {and yes I have worked in this business, and hello, have my degrees in it too} you gotta fake it. Yes. No matter how you feel or what happened in your life, if you have to work you show up and have a great attitude. Fake it. I know I had to. We all do at times. You don't need to make small talk, or tell your life story to everyone {heck no!!} but be adult enough and say hello.

6. When people refer to me as Swedish. First, get your geography right. Second, know that Swedish is for Sweden, and Swiss is for Switzerland. HUGE difference. Not the same country. Not the same language. Not even neighbors. Americans don't like to be called Canadians either, or English. Or Armenians, or Argentinians. Nope. Nope. Nope.

7. Slow drivers. Don't get me wrong. I am a great driver. I don't speed. But when the speed limit is 45 and you drive 25....I get peeved!! Worse is when it is a one lane street. Someone help me!

8. When people refer to McDonald's or Chipotle as a restaurant. Granted, yes, you get food there and you won't starve. A restaurant to me is not a fast food place or a place you get in line to receive your food. A restaurant to me is a sit-down place, with a server and a menu that is handed to me. A bonus here is a non-chain place. Mom'n'Pop places are my favorites. Yes, I'm a snob...hahahahaha!

9. Dirty dishes in the sink. I get that we are busy, and sometimes it is not possible to clean the dishes right away. I hate to see the sink piled up with all kinds of grossness. YUCK. At least make an effort to get rid of the dirties before you go to bed so your new day can start fresh.

10. Chipped nail polish. I know it happens. It's annoying. I can't stand it. I hate when it happens a day or two after your manicure. Oh, and it has happened with gel manicures too {yes, how outrageous!}. So, when it happens to me I get antsy. I need to get the remainder off. Immediately.

It feels great to write this down. We all have pet peeves. Some we share, and some we don't. And that is okay. What may bug me is very normal to you and you may not even recognize it at all. It's fine. What may bug you will probably not be an issue for me, who knows. This is what makes life interesting. I love it. One of my friend's pet peeve is that she must make sure all her notification number symbols on her phone must be unseen, also known as checked immediately or as soon as possible. So those tiny numbers bug her?! Not me. But I get it...knowing you have 1438 unread emails would bug me, too :)

Have a wonderful day and try not to get peeved today! No one needs a pet peeve alert at all.


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