September 23, 2016

Currently {12}

Thinking about: My mom. Her birthday was a week ago.. I love birthdays; she hated them. So I don't know if that was already a sign she wasn't doing well or knew her life would end a lot sooner, or if it was just her. Either way, we were both very different when it came to the big day. I wanted to make sure I got distracted around her birthday and in a way I was getting distractions in...yet it still stings knowing I couldn't celebrate with her. I just hope she had fun. 

Watching: Dexter. Yes. I know it's an old show. I had to find a show B hadn't seen {which is very easy to do} and that would interest him. Voila. Dexter it is. Also, the new fall shows or new seasons are about to start or have already started so I'm sure we will have plenty of TV dates together! Ha!!

Reading: The Girl on the Train. I just got it and I'm reading it so I can add this to my reading challenge. Oh, and I'm also reading my free magazines{yes, free! And no I don't steal them. I'm a subscriber. For free though. Say what?!}. I'm a huge home magazine lover. So, Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day and all those lovely magazines with home improvements, decor inspiration, recipes, and wellness are my go-to reads...every day. Every month. Whenever I need to get inspired. :) 

Loving: Connections. I have learned over the past few years, but months really, that connections are very important. 

Cooking: At least one new recipe every other week. I tried every week, but I am also budgeting our grocery budget. When it doesn't fit in I'll try to at least cook a new recipe every other week to spice things up a bit. This week I tried two recipes though...YES...I felt inspired and we had most ingredients already at why not!???? I'm cooking this quick recipe tonight, and I tried this one two days ago...YUMMY!!!

What have you been up to lately?!

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