September 9, 2016

Dear Luna and Lilee

Dear Luna and Lilee,

How are you two snuggle birds doing? I hope you have found a warm spot, preferably with a view, and feel cozy and happy. I hope you are happy. What I'm trying to say here though is thank you!

Thank you Luna and Lilee. You two have no idea how much you enriched my life in the past 11 months. You have given me hope. You have given me love. You have shown me life continues no matter what happens. You have helped me get over that slump, that disgusting black hole I tried to jump over. You have helped me so much. You may not know this but you were meant for me, for us. I'm so glad we found you when we almost lost hope, and I'm so happy we decided to get you despite people telling us not to.

Life with you has definitely changed my mood. Your two very different personalities make me smile every time. One of you {you know who} is such a food whore {yes, I said that word!!}. You want to eat eat eat all the time. You think it's food time when we walk into the kitchen. You won't shut up until you get your wet food. Yet, despite your loud and may I add annoying voice {sorry you will never be an Opera singer} you are the sweetest and most loving cat ever. You know how to push my buttons, and you know how to make my heart melt. Thank you for not scratching anything, and thank you for being the cat you are because your curiosity is the funniest and most adventurous ever. And well, there's my love bug. Thank you for being the cutie pie you are. Your smile and cute voice always makes me weak. You are the total opposite to your sister. You are quiet, patient, and you know how to wait. You and I have a morning routine and I cannot express how awesome this routine is. I love our morning snuggles, and the fact that you are mommy's girl. Thank you. 

Yes, my lovely fur babies. This post is for you. Thank you for being a part of my life, of our life that is. You have definitely enhanced our dull life, and have helped us define who we are. Yes, believe it or not you did help define our life. Thank you for loving us.

We love you, too.


P.s. I'm sorry I took photos of you girls stretched or are super cute when you are sound asleep so I had to take a photo and share it with the world. 


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