July 21, 2011

Protect it!

As summer's pretty much in full bloom, with its hot temps and sunny days I'm sure we all are loving every single minute we get to spend outside. I know I am. Though we usually forget one thing namely to protect our skin. This won't be a "do this or that" post, but please people...when you go out and I know you are, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Even if it is a gloomy overcast day and you think the sun's not out or hardly out. The sun's always out even when you don't see her shining onto leaves or you for that matter. And sunscreen has to be applied more than just once a day. We easily forget that. And we easily think once a day is enough but it isn't.

Now you wonder why I'm writing about such a topic. It's simple. Or not. Depends on how you look at it.
A while ago I joined Danielle and Alison's site Sun Savvy, and I would love for you to go over there and read and join the pledge, too, and even if you don't do it think about what you do to your largest and biggest organ. Our skin's so fragile, and we really do neglect it. I have to admit I'm not a hero when it comes to protecting my skin. I learned my lessons, and I learned them well.

Think about it...

...how often do you apply sunscreen? Once? Twice? Sometimes?
...do you carry a little sunscreen tube in your purse? Or at least lotion with SPF?
...how often do you apply lotion to your skin? After you took that shower? Never?
...do you apply regular moisturizing lotion also at night?
...how about your hands? Hand lotion handy in your purse or not?
...or how about your feet?! Pretty nails need some pretty feet too, no?
...and how do you protect your lips? Yes, right, lips. Just a funky, glittery lip gloss? Or a lip balm with SPF?
...what about your precious hair? Wash it, dry it, style it? Any protection there? No?! Whoops!!!

You see, there's plenty you can do.
I'm not saying you should do it all, but think about it.
How often to you apply lotion, and sunscreen? Lip balm?
Crusty lips and yes I call it crusty are gross. I think I said enough. ;)

I take a shower in the morning and got into the habit of putting lotion on. Daily. I make sure it is a moisturizing lotion perfect for my own skin. I have pretty dry skin during winter and oilier but still dry skin in summer so different lotions are needed. Plus of course the sunscreen. And I use different kinds for my face and neck, too, rather than for my body. Our face and neck are more sensitive and therefore need stronger protection. Ever had sunburn on your ears?! Good for you. Once I did, and never again. We forget that area, too.

And our hair (with or without a hat) needs some protection, too. When we go for a swim in the lake or just take our hat off, our hair is exposed to lots of sunlight and lots of bad stuff in general (we all know our air is not a healthy thing, nowhere!!)...so, try to find ways to pamper your hair, too. There are especially designed sunscreen hairsprays or shampoos that do help, too, and make your hair look more shiny than dull and yellow-green looking. Or you can go for homemade hair lotions and such. Whatever works, but don't forget to include your hair, it's literally screaming for our help.

These are just a few of my favorites. I am by no means an expert but I try different lotions (even baby sunscreen sometimes!) to see what works best for me. More expensive doesn't automatically mean better, however, I learned that you still need to go with medium-priced products to get good results. I am satisfied with a lotion that not only nourishes my skin, but leaves it oil free (I hate when my skin feels sticky!), and smooth. And when I don't walk around like a red lobster I am even more satisfied.

Sometimes you have to learn from mistakes. Sometimes you don't learn at all. About  almost one month ago I got a terrible sunburn and it freaked me out. Did I protect myself and put sunscreen on? Yes I did. I even stayed in the shade, and still I got burned badly. And this is not something to be taken lightly. This can happen to you as well. Sometimes even worse.
I just learned that an old family friend of ours passed away. She's been wrestling with skin cancer for years, and to me she seemed "healed" and okay. I was wondering actually where she was, because I hadn't seen her in a long time. She would usually walk her dog in my area, and I would see her and stop and talk. She knew my grandma pretty well, and even though we somehow lost touch she was a great person and I always loved seeing her. Seeing her obituary the other day shocked me. Now, my question is answered. She just turned 60 and that my readers is not old. It's super young!!!

Some stories are pure eye openers, and sometimes it is more than just necessary to spread the word.
Think about what we do to our skin. I am not saying you should stay away from the sun and be pale all year round. I am not saying you should go out and sit in the sun forever and walk home like a little lobster. I didn't even sit in the sun when I got my sunburn and it raised a huge question mark around my summer behavior. Stay alert and don't ignore this very fact that this can also happen to you. Have your skin checked if you want, or not. Totally up to you. Really.


I'm telling you, a writer's block doesn't exist. ;) All this writing just because I pledged.
I hope I haven't scared you by having posted this, but still...I felt it was necessary to be reminded again. We tend to easily forget or ignore, and I am saying this because this also includes me. Of course.

Have a safe summer my readers, and a terrific day!



Notes She Wrote said...

This is a great reminder especially with how HOTTT it's been here in Texas!! I probably don't put sunscreen on nearly as often as I should and I totally have sensitive skin!! :( thanks for the reminder!

Notes She Wrote

Malin said...

Thank you for this!! It's such an important topic to talk about, yet so many people seem to ignore it.

Living in a relatively cold country, I know that I'm not doing all that I can. But I should, because there's skin cancer in my family. However, I'm not the worst person, I have friends who only put on sun oil, with no SPF, in order to get that tan. At least I never do that, and I do put on lotion whenever I sunbathe!!

Meghan said...

This is SUCH an important topic and I am glad you posted! I have super fair skin, and since my dad recently had skin cancer removed, I know that I need to be extra careful in the sun!

Amy Rene said...

great advice & observations!

Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Sooo true! Sunscreen is so important. I love the Aveeno face lotion. It doesn't get greasy at all!

danielle {breakfast at toast} said...

THANK YOU for linking to sun savvy!!!

Highly recommend reading this!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

I never used to think too much about sunscreen. I have skin that is naturally darker and I rarely ever burn. However, then I met Dustin, whose mom died from skin cancer. Dark skin isn't very cute if it's going to cause you to die from something like cancer. I definitely take sunblock a little more seriously now.

Ashley said...

Ooooo...that drink looks delicious :)

You're right, I forget to protect my skin all the time. Bad Ashley!

So, you've been to Turkey? :)

Ashley said...

I have family in Turkey as well!!! Yay :)Also in Istanbul, in Erenkoy.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

This is a great reminder as sunscreen is key for a healthy and youthful look!!

Ann said...

Now that is one beauty reminder ♥

Love the sun but protect your skin...
and I love your images so much ♥

Yelena Starikova said...

Great Suggestions!

Im your new follower!


Kelly said...

AGREED! I'm a pale gal by nature, and I lather up constantly. I fear my years growing up in the Florida sun will catch up to me.

Ocean Dreams said...

I am SO SO with you on this one. My mom has skin cancer but it didn't get into her blood stream thank God. So technically it's not really cancer but they call it that. Yeah, confusing, I know. Anyway - BK is amazing and not being in the sun and always wearing a big dorky hat but I love that he takes care of his skin. Now I am the same way. I don't like being in the sun that long and if I am I make sure I am wearing sun block!!


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