September 18, 2015

Happy Friday - Friday Happy!

Linking up with the fabulous Krysten and Lindsay for their weekly happy list link-up. It's been a whirlwind of a week and I definitely needed a few happy moments to cheer up my mood, my mind, and my emotions. There is always something to be happy about. It's the little things in life that make life special, challenging, intriguing and wonderful. Every single day I am looking for those little tiny moments that make my current life even more beautiful. Here are my happy moments...

1. Cooler temperatures {hello, 75 degrees I missed you!!!}
2. Raindrops
3. Blisters {yes, they made me happy}
4. Water with a drop of peppermint essential oil - best water ever and it's all natural
5. Fresh tomatoes
6. Marzipan from Istanbul. My cousin brought it. So yummy!
7. A new, therapeutic pillow
8. Salami
9. Memories! Good ol' memories!!!
10. My FitBit!!!
I'm so excited. I finally got one. I know, I know, I am late in the game but hey, better late than never, right? So what next?! Do I add friends? Don't I add friends? If you own one, let me know...I need to be motivated to move my lil butt.

What made you happy this week?! Anything special?
Hop on over and join the fun!

Happy Friday!
Hope your weekend will be fantastic!



Krysten Quiles said...

Cooler weather is the BEST! We're in the upper 60s, low 70s which is my FAVORITE weather!

The Flynnigans said...

It's just now getting cooler, most especially in the evening.

I hope that today is better for you than yesterday. Xoxox

Erin of TexErin-in-SydneyLand said...

I'm late to the game too, and I don't have a fitbit...but just this week, I was looking at them wondering if I should get one. Happy Weekend!

Sanch LivingLife said... I am excited that warmer weather is upon us...although this weekend has been a bit cool and rainy. I love heat and sunshine!
Hope you have a great week ahead!

Kimberly Munoz said...

cooler weather sounds so nice. But I live in Texas so we still hitting the upper 90s. It does get cooler at night but still! I broke my fitbit band last week. Waiting on my new one to come in. Boo! Have a great week!

Heather Serra said...

Ah yes! I'm a fan of these cooler temperatures too and hopefully they hover around here for awhile. Great list! :)


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