September 28, 2015

Weekly Hopes {9}

Good morning my lovelies!!

I hope your Monday is an awesome one.
I love fresh starts, cooler mornings, and brand new beginnings...each day is a new beginning, so without further ado, here's my list of my Weekly Hopes...

1. More step-accomplishments on my FitBit {I am lazy...tragic tragic!}
2. Receiving a few things in the mail
3. October starting!!! YAY!
4. A new bag {well, if I get out and buy it}
5. Creating new fall dinner ideas
6. More walks as temps went down into the 80s...I'd prefer 70s.
7. Movie Night Date with my man
8. More blogging or writing that is...more personal stuff

Yes I am looking forward to eight things this week. I truly hope that at least 50% will come true. I don't need much just a few things crossed off my list. It'll make a great week. Sometimes I feel I am hoping to accomplish too much. I just want to be happy. I just want to make each day a fun one.

Is that too much to ask?!

Have a great day, I'm starting mine with a strong cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast.


1 comment :

The Flynnigans said...

I am also in search of a new bag. But that would entail going out shopping for such and I do go shopping other than grocery shopping these days. I need a cross body bag but sturdy enough to carry all my junk (aka weight - I carry everything but the kitchen sink! Hahahah).

Have a great evening love. I wish you a wonderful and rich week full of great things. xox


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